Little Britain

Excellent graphics, colourful “real” characters and bonuses, scatter symbols and dust galore make this my favourite Playtech game so far. It’s a perfect gameplay way to spend an afternoon, in my opinion. Beautiful levels of interaction and all my favourite catchphrases make this a real treat to play. Well done Little Britain slot game, well done!

Little Britain Slot Machine Review

Being from Britain, I have quite an affinity for the show Little Britain. Ever since it first came out when I was a teenager and my mum started calling me Vicky ("Yeah, but no, but yeah, but…") it was love at first "Computer says no." When the Little Britain slot game came out I got excited, seriously excited.

Little Britain's Five Big Bonuses - Scatter on Reels 1, 3 & 5

Spin the wheel and arrive at one of the following Little Britain Slot bonuses:

Vicky Pollard's ASBO Bonus, you can win 750x your total bet. Vicky Pollard, from round the corner from the block, is a member of Britain's thriving underclass. As she takes a well-earned break from happy slapping, help Vicky find something to do with her life. With this bonus, you can choose an activity for Vicky and, the longer she takes to decide, the more cash you win. Watch out for the speech bubbles - "Yes" continues the bonus and "No" ends it.

Win up to 1000x your total stake with Lou and Andy's Love It Bonus. In Herby City, Lou selflessly dedicates his life to looking after Andy. It’s a right kerfuffle. With this bonus, you can pick objects for Lou to give to Andy - every object you pick wins a cash prize. If Andy likes what you've picked, your prize multiplier will increase. If Andy says "Don't like it" to 3 objects in a row the bonus will end.

Marjorie Dawes' Fat Fighters Bonus can win you 500x your total bet! Until a law is passed to imprison fat people, they are free to roam our street. Help Marjorie enlighten them as to what food they should eat. Pick silver trays to reveal the food underneath a win a cash prize. Fatty foods will fill up the calorie meter; when you use up your daily dosage, the bonus round will end. Watch out for dust! It will lower the calorie counter.

Dafydd's Big Gay Bonus can also win you 500x your total bet! Lots of folk round here drop anchor in poo bay, but not in Llandewi Breffi, where Dafydd is the only gay in the village. Assist him in choosing an outfit to attract other gays. Shuffle 3 times to help Dafydd get dressed: every complete costume earns you a cash prize. You can win more shuffles by finding an extra shuffle under his clothes.

Emily Howard's Lady Things Bonus can also earn you 500x your total bet! Transvestism in Britain is now more popular than ever, with nearly 50% of the population dressed as women. Rubbish transvestite Emily Howard needs help finding her lady things. Pick objects from Emily's room for cash prizes. Feminine objects will give bigger prizes, increased win multipliers or additional picks.

Lou selflessly dedicates his life to looking after Andy. It’s a right kerfuffle.

Little Britain Free Spins Wild Stacks On Reels 2, 4 & 5

Get the LB Free Spins symbol on reels 2, 4 and 5 and win 10 free spins! Free spins have special character stacked wilds. You can win a special cash prize if a complete character lands on the reels; the more characters that land, the bigger the prize! Win up to 100x your bet on a single stack!

Anne can appear during any spin and give you a Little Britain wild bonus, how many symbols will she throw objects at and turn wild for you?

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