Metal Detector

What’s better than sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun? Why, marching up and down the beach, armed with a metal detector looking for buried treasure of course. Why not find yourself some buried ancient treasure with Metal Detector slot and see what you can reel in to your treasure chest?

Will You Find the Money in the Metal Detector Slot Review?

And so it begins, with our slightly sunburnt searcher walking along the beach, metal detector in hand, searching for valuables whilst the sounds of a lazy summer's beach day grace our ears. Seagulls chirp and waves lap as our intrepid explore kneels down on the warm sand to sweep away the grains and see what he has found. With the sun beaming down, warming the Hawaiian shirt wearing, metal detector bearing older gentleman, we begin the adventure.

Metal Detector Slot Bonus Symbols

In a homage to slot machines of old, Metal Detector Slot gives us tarnished coloured 10's, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. Worth between 250 and 400 coins for 5, the treasure will start to mount up if you spin these reels.

For a favourable five hundred coins, there's a sublime silver men's watch or a bejewelled candle holder sort of gold ornament.

Then there's an old pistol that looks older than World War 1 that can earn you up to 800 coins if captured by the detector dude's stick and, a gleaming and glittering emerald necklace on an old heavy gold pendant for the same amount of coins.

Seagulls chirp and waves lap as our intrepid explore kneels down on the warm sand to sweep away the grains and see what he has found.

For some real buried treasure, there's the shiny, cool gold coin, worth a thrifty thousand bucks and, for the same amount of coins, a diamond ring, set in gold with emeralds and rubies along the sides in a dazzling display of wealth. Trawling up and down the beaches is certainly going to be worth it in this Metal Detector slot game of fine jewels.

For double the gold coins, there's the big old heavy treasure chest lurking under the sands of time. I just hope it doesn't need a key once detector dude finds it.

Metal Detector Slot Bonus Features

The treasure map is our key to the Metal Detector free spins and multiplier and, the dude himself, complete with funny headgear for detecting, will unlock the Metal Detector slot bonus feature. One things for sure, you'll be digging for treasure alongside our dude for all the coins you can uncover!

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