Money Magic

I love a good progressive slot that puts me in a calm and winning mood and, the music, although slightly repetitive and on a loop here, is the perfect accompaniment to let you hit the massive jackpots on offer. It truly is Money Magic and, with such large amounts to be won, why are you still reading this and not playing?

Bring On The Money Magic Slot Review

Money Magic is a progressive slot brought to us by Rival Gaming.

Seductive, slow and heavily decent music descends upon us to accompany a magician as he levitates a beautiful girl up into the air and runs a hoop over her body, proving no strings are involved here. He taps his hat with a wand and pulls a bunny rabbit out. We see the ace up his sleeve, spinning in the air before turning into a picture of a different coloured bunny rabbit popping out of his magician's top hat. He taps that with his wand too.

Magic Graphics

So, whilst the soothing and deeply soulful chimes are entering my heart and making my index finger yearn to spin those reels, I have stopped to take a closer look at the graphics here for you, our dear VegasMaster readers.

We see the ace up his sleeve, spinning in the air before turning into a picture of a different coloured bunny rabbit popping out of his magician's top hat.

We have an angry bunny rabbit, a whitish yellowish one, completely different from the other two we've seen, if not for in colour, certainly in attitude. Then there's a white pigeon (perhaps masquerading as a dove, pigeons are cheaper than doves, for sure).

The obligatory magician's hat and stack of cards, ace of spades up, and a gloved white hand floating in the ether, holding the grey magicians wand. All these symbols are worth between 100 and 300 coins.

Then there's the magician himself, and the sexy magicians assistant resplendent in black lace stockings. There's a dangerous looking shiny saw and a box, with a dozen of these stuck in at every angle. All these symbols are worth between 400 and 800 coins.

Hit The Money Magic Slot Bonuses

Our levitating girl is one of our Money Magic slot scatter symbols and, is only worth up to 75 coins. However, our cigarette being placed through a solid round object is another and is worth up to a stunning thousand.

Hit the Money Magic slot jackpot with the colourful bunch of flowers worth up to 10,000 coins!

Review Summary

-Huge jackpots available
-I really like the music on this slot
-Progressive jackpot only available when playing max coins
-All about the jackpot, no free spins or bonus rounds


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  • Magic

  • Rival Gaming

  • 5 Reels

  • 9 Paylines

  • Released in 2012

  • 94 %

  • Max Coins Per Line: 5

  • Min Coins Per Line: 1


  • Jackpot

  • Multiplier

  • Autoplay

  • Wild Symbol

  • Scatter Symbol

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