One Million Reels BC

One of Rival Gaming’s four progressive jackpots, One Million reels BC slot is a step back in time, to a place with dinosaurs and eggs a’hatching all over the shop. Whilst the coins on offer for your usual symbols are nothing to get excited about, that progressive jackpot keeps growing and could be yours!

One Million Reels BC Slot Review

We go back in time with One Million Reels BC software from Rival Gaming.

We dive straight in, to a big purple dinosaur (Barney, is that you?) and snowls and gruffles that indicate that our big purple friend might not be feeling so well. Perhaps he is not so enamoured with the crickets chirping noisily and repetitively? Or, perhaps he is struggling to digest last night's dinner, causing him some pain and agony?

Let's not forget the other browner dinosaur, bringing up the other side of our reels. He has horns, seems to be trying to hide behind some grass, despite him being better suited to blending in with rocks and rubble and, has one eye just staring at me, only blinking occasionally.

One Million Pixels

Once we get spinning the 3-Reels, 5 payline One Million Reels BC slot, we are rewarded with a twanging, sped up, in tempo strumming.

Our caveman is worth 450 coins and, our cavewoman is worth 900 coins. Go feminists at Rival Gaming! 

We can bet between 1 and 3 coins and, for that One Million Reels BC slot progressive jackpot, you're going to want to stick with the maximum betting amount, or you will end up with a paltry 1,000 or 2,000 coins, instead of the exponentially growing progressive jackpot on offer.

One Million Egg Symbols Hatching

Use is made of small yellow eggs, medium green eggs and large white eggs, to give us anywhere between 30 and 200 coins at maximum bet. Any egg is our symbol that has us going wild as, it will change itself to any egg it feels will increase your winning paylines the most.

Our caveman is worth 450 coins and, our cavewoman is worth 900 coins. Go feminists at Rival Gaming! Although, I don't say much for their science department, not with having cavemen and cavewomen at a time of dinosaurs one million years BC (before Christ).

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