Playboy Hot Zone

Slot machines don’t get any sexier than Playboy Hot Zone! Live the glamorous life of Hugh Hefner and witness the early days of an immensely popular franchise. Bally came up with an intriguing concept and has extracted an astonishing amount from it. Playboy bunnies, pin-up girls, dollar signs and cherries populate the reels of this high paying game.

Sexy Playboy Hot Zone Slot Turns Up The Heat

Bally took no chances when it developed a game inspired by the glamorous franchise. Those who stumble upon Playboy Hot Zone will immediately fall in love with the playboy bunnies (like other Playboy games) and pin-up girls. The slot machine focuses on the early days of the franchise, but it is a modern video slot with plenty of winning combinations and high maximum bets.

Expanding wilds that are triggered automatically and free spins spice things up even further. The game gets players fully immersed into the fascinating 50s and brings the most beautiful models into the spotlight. Hugh Hefner is also featured on the spinning reels and he tends to appear in the most important moments. The Hot Zone Edge envisioned by Bally is at the cornerstone of its game mechanics and celebrated in Playboy Hot Zone slot reviews. This is also one of the franchise games with the most free spins up for grabs.

Get Your Share of up to 20 Free Games

Free games symbols act as scatters and they are the ones triggering bonus rounds. Depending on your luck, you can collect as many as 20 of them, but players are guaranteed to collect at least eight. The best case scenario is to discover the scatter symbols under the Hot Zone edge. This will result in free spins being re-triggered, therefore you get to play even more rounds.

The more money players bet when free spins are triggered, the better their chances to win big. That’s because once the bonus round starts, the initial stakes are preserved and the bonus feature becomes active. One way to induce bigger payouts is by betting the maximum amount all the time. Speaking of which, one can bet up to 200 credits per round, while the maximum payout is worth 1.000 credits times the line bet. There are literally millions of credit points to be won and with this kind of money, winners can actually enjoy a Hefner like lifestyle.

Playboy Hot Zone Is Mobile Friendly

Bally Technologies has always been a staunch promoter of mobile friendly games. Playboy Hot Zone slot machine will run on tablets powered by iOS and Android operating systems. Connect to the Game Center and you have a better chance at winning extra prizes. The idea of granting access to unique applications is innovative and likely to spill over to other slots. The bottom line is that in addition to money, you can also win vanity awards and achievement icons. There is no shortage of special features when spinning the reels of Playboy Hot Zone online slot. Game Locator for example allows players to enjoy the best of both worlds, by bridging online and land-based casinos.

Playboy Hot Zone Moblie version

Time to Grab Those Playboy Hot Zone Slot Bonuses

Playboy Hot Zone slot machine doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. That’s why, if you hope to win a lot of money with a minimal investment, you’d better look elsewhere for entertainment. However, Bally found the perfect substitute for the absence of such a guaranteed prize pool. High paying symbols are the ones that will make your day when you spin the reels and line them up in the right sequence. Cherries, dollar signs and playing cards are just the icing on the cake, but it is the Hugh Hefner and Playboy Bunnies that really matter.

As for the Wild symbol, it can substitute all these signs except for the Bonus one and produce more winning combinations. You’ll need three of any of these signs, but the Bonus symbol is truly one-of-a-kind. If it appears in the Hot Zone, then it will turn into a special wild symbol. This will greatly increase the chances of producing additional free spins. Instead of a vicious circle, you have a winning rotation that keeps producing bonus rounds. During the free spins, you also have a better chance at landing Hot Zones on high paying symbols.

A Great Choice for Both Amateurs and Professionals

Playboy Hot Zone slot free spins make it particularly attractive for beginners. The ease of triggering bonus rounds in conjunction with the low betting limits also helps its cause. Obviously, players from all walks of life will be equally impressed by the sheer beauty of the pin-up girls. The wild symbol depicted by the Playboy bunny appears frequently, in turn leading to often payouts.

There is an indissoluble link between the size of the investment and the returns. The game gives players virtually limitless freedom in choosing their betting patterns. Wagering a single digit amount or the maximum 200 credit bet will lead to different payouts as free spins are triggered. Face card values are more of ballast, but they fit in nicely with the overall theme. When Hugh Hefner pops up on the reels, you know that something big is happening. He only comes out to congratulate players on big wins.

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