Safari Madness

Safari Madness almost put me to sleep so, I recommend playing just before bed if you are having trouble drifting off. It excels at being bad and has, quite literally, no redeeming features at all! Netent should hide this game at the back of the cupboard, far behind all its other offerings.

Safari Madness Slot Review – A Wild Journey

This game is simple and un-effective. It evokes memories of the one-arm bandit slots of old. However, I fail to see where the safari style is? NetEnt usually provides good quality games, but it just seems like they just haven't tried with this one. From the poor retro graphics to the lack of music, this game fails to create any atmosphere at all. The only promise is in the name but, as William S said, "What is in a name?" In this case, everything, as you’ll see in my Safari Madness Slot review, that the game itself is more about driving you mad than enjoying a Safari adventure. 

As our VegasMaster readers know, we are not ones to shy away from saying what we really think and, despite crushing boredom playing this 3 x 3 slot, I persevered, just in case something exciting happened.

Safari Madness Online - So Fari, So Good?

As our VegasMaster readers know, we are not ones to shy away from saying what we really think and, despite crushing boredom from playing this 3 x 3 slot with 8 win lines (you can win up to 64 ways), I persevered, just in case something exciting happened. There was nothing, no Safari Madness bonus, no Safari madness jackpot - just the quiet spinning of the reels lulling me to sleep. The Safari Madness slot machine is the least exciting slot game I have ever played, and I am disappointed as the name got me all excited and ready for some quality animal-themed slot play.

Safari Madness Graphics – Classic and Cartoony

Safari Madness has an African Safari theme and invites players on a wild adventure. Since it has been designed as a classic slot, like most 3-reel slots, there really isn’t any wow-level factor when it comes to the graphics, so I can’t really fault it there. Essentially, the graphics are vibrant, colourful, and cartoon-like. Don’t expect premium quality or any animated sequences, though. On the reels you’ll find various safari animal icons, including lions, hippos, crocodiles and impala as well as a safari jeep and single, double, and triple BAR icons. As for a soundtrack…it’s non-existent.

Safari Madness Features – Don’t Get Excited

The main feature of the Safari Madness slot machine is its BAR icons. Nope, I’m not kidding. Basically, if you’re lucky enough to spin triple BARs onto the screen across all three reels, your wager will be multiplied by a total 700x. But, wait, if you’re uber-luck and manage to land nine of those icons on the screen, your bet will be multiplied by 3000x, which is – admittedly – a decent payout (as long as you can stay awake long enough to hit it…). But, that’s it. There is no Wild Safari Madness feature, no scatters, no free spins, nothing. If you’re happy with playing just a base game, then maybe this one’s for you.

Safari Madness Slot Review – Final Thoughts

There is definitely more “Madness” than “Safari” thrills in this game for me. NetEnt usually has such smooth, entertaining graphics that draw me in and keep me focused with a range of bonus plays and hidden extras that pad out my fun. Safari Madness slot characters are brightly coloured, happy looking little blobs on my screen and, while I can play multi-lines, as you might have noticed in my Safari Madness Slot Review, I’m not a fan. If you choose to play this slot – if you can even still find it – I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

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