A Night in Paris

A Night in Paris slot machine is one that will take you across the sea to the city of love and give you the opportunity to help protect it. With excellent graphics and sound this is by far on the most entertaining slot machines on the internet today. Come ready to pay for your pleasure however, as return seems to be low. Think of it as buying a great computer game one spin at a time.

Stand Guard at A Night in Paris Slot

“In the most beautiful city in the world, where every day is a vacation and love is always in the air, no one really considers what happens after night falls…” Get ready to see the side of Paris that can’t be observed in broad daylight. It’s the struggle between good and evil that protects the city of love from thieves and villains keeping great art and star crossed lovers safe from harm. Are you prepared for A Night in Paris Slot Machine?


A Night in Paris Slot Machine Graphics & Sound

Like me, you’ll surely be surprised, even stunned I would say, at the level of graphics and sound at A Night in Paris Slot that only effort and skill can produce. Produced by BetSoft gaming software, the game abounds with special animations for even the smallest wins on the reels while special features are based almost completely around dynamic interaction with movie quality actions that bring the story of A Nigh in Paris slot to life.

Even the sound effects are superb like when you line up three pigeons on the reels and you can hear the quick beating of their wings.

Even if you hit a few spins without a win however, you’ll still be entertained by Jerome LaBaste, the buff security guard and his bulldog bouncing around in the bottom right corner of the screen. This crime-stopping pair and their antics contribute heavily to the atmosphere and design of A Night in Paris Slot Machine. Even the background of the reels gets you in the romantic French mood with soft lighting from classic styled street lamps and the Eiffel tower shining down upon benches on a cobbled street.

Sound is just as professional setting the mood as well with ups and downs that coincide with your wins. Even the sound effects are superb like when you line up three pigeons on the reels and you can hear the quick beating of their wings.


A Night in Paris Slot Bonuses

Though game play is so entertaining that it’s near impossible to tear yourself away from A Night in Paris slot machine, you might be disappointed to find that big wins and special features come few and far in-between. If you take my advice, you’ll bet the minimum you can on each line in order to drag out good play for as long as possible.

You can produce wins in the conventional way of lining up matching images on a pay line. These images include LeBaste himself, the Eiffel Tower, and a plate of croissants for breakfast. You can win instant cash by lining up the thief, Lebaste, and the French police badge in a specific order, or you can go the route of free spins with three police badges scattered anywhere on the reels. The true entertainment however, strikes when you hit three Napoleon paintings. This means that the thief himself is in LeBaste’s museum and must be stopped!

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