Jackpot Darts

Darts may be thought of as a boring pub game for old men with beer bellies, but it is becoming more popular with the ladies too, if the darts teams at my few locals are anything to go by. Now instead of having to go out and be restricted to smoking outside in the cold in between matches, you can wager on some serious dart playing in the comfort of your home.

The Jackpot Darts Slot Review

Playtech's Jackpot Darts game gives you the ambience of a pub or darts club and the thrill of hitting that target. You won't have to be embarrassed about your maths not standing up to scrutiny either, as there's no one else around to see you play!

There's even an amazingly nifty little feature that gives you a video playback when your dart has landed close to the wire. Now that's something real darts can't give us unfortunately!

How Does It Work?

Like other notorious sport's slots from Playtech, Jackpot Darts game actually has no reels (much, I suppose like online slots actually have no slots!)

We have a dartboard, which can be quite complicated to those who do not play. Luckily, having grown up in England, I was taken to the pub on Sundays and left to play with the other kids there. We would inevitably find those pointy darts behind the bar and start playing. It's a game that helps your mental arithmetic enormously, so that's why we were left to it, as long as we didn't stab ourselves or anyone else!

Choose your bets via the Jackpot Darts game combinations available. Choose triple, double or single, and see what colour felt the dart will land on (no points for the outer board, obviously!)

A leaderboard will show previous throws and darts total, including total stake and win information.

Jackpot Darts Game Bonus Feature

You can Turbo Bet, Repeat Bet and Auto Bet x 1, all at the push of a button. It is also very simple wager the same as your last bet, all at the push of a button after your current game.

A leaderboard will show previous throws and darts total, including total stake and win information.

It's a shame that you can't angle and throw the darts yourself, as that would exponentially increase the fun of playing this game. The thuds on the dartboard as each dart hits it is very satisfying though, and very realistic too!

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