The Finer Reels of Life

There is certainly enough class to keep me sticking around and playing with this Finer Reels of Life slot machine. What more can you ask for? All the finer things in life are provided here and, when you hit a bonus round, the game will really go wild!

The Finer Reels of Life Review – There is Nothing Finer

Ah, champagne, cigars, chocolates, cheeses and diamonds. All fit for a queen or king. The Finer Reels of Life slot game knows you want to win as much as possible and automatically gives you the opportunity to win every single different pay line combination. You can set your reels to finely auto-play until, well, you have finished stocking up on your luxury shopping list and you will be simply spun into a potential 1,800,000 coins.

The Finer Reels of Life Bonuses

The music is elegant and repetitive, soothing in its frustrating chimes of a sea drowning you in luxury. Once you hit the right amount of bonus stars, things get exciting, even the music perks up a bit. You have a choice of:-

Coffee & Chocolate - 10 Free Spins - All Wins Multiplied
Wine & Cheese - 15 Free Spins - The Wild Wine Feature
Whisky & Cigars - 20 Free Spins - The Burning Wilds Feature
Champagne and Diamonds - 25 Free Spins - The Rolling Reels Feature

Any winning pay lines disappear in a cloud of fuzzy green smoke and the sounds of champagne popping which lets new symbols slip into place without costing you one of your free spins - this means the more you win, well, the more you win! You can win up to 5 times on a single spin on one of your finer feature bonus rounds.

The music is elegant and repetitive, soothing in its frustrating chimes of a sea drowning you in luxury. 

Each different level of fine dining and drinking has its own colour scheme.

Finer Reels of Life Slot Strikes It Really Big

When you randomly hit a wild celebration feature, you will certainly hear it and see it. Champagne bottles pop up at the bottom of each reel and if you hit wild, you will see their corks pop too. This is in addition to the random star bursts of coins when you strike it lucky.

Review Summary

-Luxurious symbols create a soothing atmosphere
-Gives you every pay line possible upfront
-Annoying music
-Makes me want to eat the chocolates in the game


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