Tornado: Farm Escape

Everyone needs an escape from their same old daily routine and the barn animals in the Tornado Farm Escape slot couldn’t agree more. NetEnt’s thrilling slot machine transforms the ordinary into extraordinary with its crazy whirlwind of a slot that features bold and crisp colorful graphics and unique bonuses that will leave you wanting to play more.

Get Swept Up in the Tornado Farm Escape Slot Review

Tornado Farm Escape slot is another exciting video slot machine from NetEnt (Net Entertainment). The 20-payline and 5-reel slot takes you on a zany and colorful adventure with whacky-looking barnyard animals. However, while this game has a farm theme, unlike other farm-inspired slots, this one features a twist – or, more specifically – a twister.

A Blustery Theme with Sharp Graphics

This Tornado Farm Escape slot review is not going to pretend that this video slot from NetEnt isn’t odd. However, its oddness isn’t a bad thing, at all. In fact, it’s part of the game’s charm and appeal!

The animation in the Tornado Farm Escape slot machine is rich and lively. The bright colors and the jovial banjo music add to the light mood and quirkiness of the game, while the hot and cold symbols activate special features.

The game begins with farm animals escaping the farmer and abandoning their everyday boring work routine. They decide to go on a holiday by entering a tornado. As a result, you play the game from the tornado’s point of view, with the farm in the background far below.

The images on the reels include funny depictions of the big-eyed animals, mid-flight. Among them are a pig, sheep, cow, horse, and chicken. In addition to the hot and cold cloud icons, the other vibrant items that were swept up into the cyclone with the animals include a radio, suitcase, chair, and TV.

A Whirlwind of Bonuses and Fun

Slot players who are looking for more bonus features and slightly more dynamic reels, may not be as impressed with this simple machine, as they would others. That being said, this doesn’t mean to say that there is no Tornado Farm Escape slot machine bonus.

The game has a wild perk, known as the Tornado feature, which makes playing more exciting and rewarding for players. Play Tornado Farm Escape slot, and if you happen to land hot and cold symbols on a spin and they appear on the first and last reel of the same spin, the Tornado feature will trigger. This acts like a free spins bonus round. A twister will appear on the reels. It will suck up one selected symbol. As long as this symbol, which also contains instant cash prizes, continues to appear on the reels, you’ll continue to enjoy free spins. The round is complete when all symbols have been collected.

The non-progressive Tornado Farm Escape slot is equipped with a wild symbol, scatter symbol, and other mini bonuses that make it worth a spin.

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