When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly slot machine makes the impossible possible and showers you with epic payouts. If you enjoy slots with cartoonish graphics and hope to unlock one of the 3125 winning combinations, When Pigs Fly is the perfect game for you.

Reaching High With The When Pigs Fly Slot Machine

Savvy players will probably sense that the game mechanics of the When Pigs Fly slot machine are surprisingly similar to Reel Rush. There’s nothing wrong about it, since this is one of the most popular games produced by the software developer. With the reels expanding from 45 to more than 3,000, players will be overwhelmed by When Pigs Fly slot's free spins.

NetEnt’s latest addition promises to become a classic and one of the most popular five reel video slots. In addition to the 3,125 pay lines, this amazing game presents players with other ways of consolidating a bankroll. When Pigs Fly slot machine is not a game of extraordinary variance, so you can win constantly and mitigate the risks of downswings. The interesting cross-shaped grid is one of the innovative features that the Scandinavian software developer found worth implementing here.

The release of 2016, the When Pigs Fly slot builds on the popularity of other games produced by Net Entertainment. It has everything you could be dreaming of, from free spins that can be retrigger and wild symbols to the auto play mode. If you are nostalgic about the classics, the Technicolor game style will appease your melancholy and get you in the mood for gambling. Mobile friendly and running smoothly on tablets, this is the game you should play this summer.

An Original Layout for When Pigs Fly slot

Winning combinations can be triggered on any reel, but the ones on the fifth are the most interesting ones. If these arrive at the right time, namely after a re-spin, players will collect an additional eight When Pigs Fly slot free spins. This is when the animations turn from good to better and you’ll find out what the software developers had in mind with its title. A pig astronaut will take charge and do all the heavy lifting, by tilting the reels in such a way as to trigger the bonus rounds.

The When Pigs Fly slot machine layout is out of the ordinary, but stays consistent with the name of the game. The autoplay and spin buttons takes convenience to the next level and allow savvy players to spin the reels with minimal effort. Customization is one of its strong suits and you can set your coin value as you see fit, choosing between 10 distinct levels. Each of them will demand players to invest a minimum of 50 coins starting at a rate of 1 pence up to £1 , so make sure your expectations match your budget.

If you thought that cartoonish graphics can’t be taken seriously, then When Pigs Fly video slot will change your perception. This game is colorful, user-friendly and virtually irresistible thanks to its collection of bonuses and high payouts. Overall the game has a stunning 97% return on investment, so you only need to be slightly lucky to come on top.

Good Things Come in Bunches with When Pigs Fly

Each successful spin of the reels will result not only in a payout, but also trigger a chain reaction. The winning combinations increase at each successful attempt so if you can follow through long enough, you will win a fortune. When Pigs Fly slot machine will increase your bets between 20 and 80 times, depending on the multiplier triggered. There’s no better incentive to move up to higher betting limits.

When Pigs Fly video slot is a treat to the eye, especially after players win three rounds in a row. You feel like in a brick-and-mortar casino, as the video slot gets you fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere. It is a symphony of colors, sounds and vibrant animations that are equally impressive on mobile devices. The upsides of not using a standard 5×3 reel are self evident when the game layout starts adapting to your play style. You can spend up with a better paying reel grid of 5×5, which results in the 3,125 ways to win.

When pigs fly menu


There is no easier, better and most rewarding way of changing the real shape than by re-triggering a When Pigs Fly slot free spin. This will have a two-pronged effect, as players get another chance at winning cash without paying a dime. At the same time, two new symbols open up on the grid and further enhanced the possible winning combinations. In the absence of a counter conveniently located on the right side, one would easily lose track of the remaining rounds.

The Convenient Way to Play Slots

When Pigs Fly slot machine is new, innovative and this can pose a challenge to newcomers. That’s why the game setting options allow for so much customization. You can change anything from the intro screen to and the end the music and even turn off the sound effects. It’s hard to believe that someone would want to silence the game in such a harsh way, unless they play from the office.

Other convenient tools are the ones allowing players to go over there play history, to monitor performance and draw conclusions. Don’t worry about making changes that you no longer want because nothing is written in stone. Even if you can’t remember what was changed and once to be undone, you are always just one login away from safety. By disconnecting the game, the auto play settings and all the changes made will automatically return to default.

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