All in all, this 25 pay-line, 5 reel superhero slot is quite an enjoyable spin. With characters we’re all familiar with displayed in good graphics, X-Men slot machine is a Playtech production we can all connect to and enjoy for more than just its cash prizes. The game also includes the special features needed to make a truly winning experience out of the X-Men.

Comical Excitement at X-Men Slot Machine

Are you ready to gamble among mutants? You had better be sure of yourself cause Playtech’s X-Men slot machine is not a gaming experience to be taken lightly. One with a bit of luck will you end up on the side of the heroes where you can achieve a potentially infinite amount of cash and face off against the mutants who find the pull of their great power to be a little to addicting.


X-Men Slot Software

Playtech’s line of Marvel slot machines is known for producing dynamic, entertaining, and suspenseful games that take you on a journey with your favorite superheroes. X-Men slot machine is no exception to this rule. Seemingly based mostly on the movies, the artwork and characters in the slot machine don’t resemble the Hollywood actors 100%, instead they’re a slightly more comic book like interpretation of your favorite characters.

During normal game play there is of course the wild symbol that gives you those few extra wins, but there is also the X-Feature.

The graphics and animations in X-Men slot machine run smoothly and keep up a good and steady pace allowing players to enjoy the game for its entertaining qualities while not leaving you feeling too bored. Audio effects are of good quality, reflective of hard work by some surely talented sound engineers. During normal game play however, there is no background music when there is so obviously great potential to use sound to make the X-Men all the more epic. There is music during free spins however, but even this music is too childish and not action filled enough.


X-Men Slot Bonus Features

X-Men slot machine has a few different quality special features and bonuses that keep things interesting. During normal game play there is of course the wild symbol that gives you those few extra wins, but there is also the X-Feature. When the good guys (symbols with blue as the background) are lined up in an X across the middle of the slots five reels, you are automatically awarded 5x your total bet and this win is added to any other line wins or scatter wins on the same spin.

The X-Men scatter symbol really gets things going winning you potentially unlimited free games. Get three scatter symbols and you’ll start out in Hero Mode where the reels just keep on spinning. During Hero Mode, a villain serves as an extra wild symbol, but whenever he appears he’ll trigger Villain mode which is limited to 8 free spins cause hey, the bad guys never win.

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