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Whilst having an Amex in my back pocket does make me feel a bit special, it does tend to stay there when I am playing online as only a few casinos accept it. Nine times out of ten, I would prefer to use a different method of payment when playing games through an online casino and leave the Amex and its member services for bigger spends. This is in part due to that general age old difficulty of withdrawing winnings to credit cards.

The American Express Casino Payment Review

Having an Amex is akin to joining an exclusive club. Its membership rewards are second to none and, there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that you have an American Express credit card in your wallet or purse.

However, this brave gladiator branded piece of plastic is not exactly a favourite with a lot of online merchants and, online casino platforms are no different, due, in part, to US banking regulations and high merchant fees for said casinos – your member benefits have to be achieved from somewhere! There are, however, a few glittering gems of hope on the gaming horizon for you Amex lovers out there.

To Amex or Not to Amex? That is the Question.

Our American Express Casino Payment spokesperson says: “American Express provides a premium service to merchants, including online casino retailers, in the form of access to our attractive card-member base, marketing expertise and analytic services. For that service we charge a premium over our competitors. Study after study has shown that American Express card-members spend considerably more than consumers who use other cards, in all types of establishments.”

Well, that’s certainly not good news for those of us who like to spin that roulette wheel as casinos are notoriously all about profits and, most of them don’t like the thought of sharing them with Amex’s high merchant fee’s. So, it looks like Amex charges online casinos more, just for the privilege of giving them access to the type of casino American Express player that will spend more money.

American Express Casino Banking does offer a form to fill in through their website where you can let them know which merchants or casinos do not accept Amex and, this holds some hope for Amex rolling out their red carpet charge card to more and more casinos in the future.

There are, however, a few glittering gems of hope on the gaming horizon for you Amex lovers out there.

With Amex being a favourite payment method for casino players all over the world, let us hope that more online casinos begin to feel the benefits of accepting this charge card and Amex casino players, make sure you fill that form in with your favourite casino’s details!

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