Bank Wire Transfer

Though painfully slow when compared to other payment methods, bank wire transfers are safest possible solutions available. Because you have to appear at your bank in person to provide identification, there is little to no possibility of fraud or losing your money. For some, this may well be worth the often 10 days it takes to complete certain transactions.

Wire Transfer Casinos at Your Service

Every method of making monetary transfers from your wallet to your favorite online casino has its positives and its negatives. In the end it’s all about which option most successfully addresses your needs. In the case that security is number one on your list of requirements, then transferring your precious dollars can’t be done any other way than by wire transfer through your bank.


Why Perform a Casino Wire Transfer?

Since you can’t ever meet with your casino to deposit cash directly from your hands into their software, a wire transfer is the most hands on way of handling your money, giving this payment type several advantages that just aren’t possible with others.

Transfers often take several days and no gambler wants to wait several days to start playing at his/her wire transfer casinos.


  • Every bank has different rules and restrictions, but wire transfers can be completed in one way or another at every bank on planet Earth. The only exceptions when considering online casinos are specific European banks that have limits and restrictions on transferring funds for gambling purposes. These cases are few however making bank transfers widely available and generally simple to perform. Also every online casino will except and gladly perform wire transfers.
  • If you’re looking for the safest way of moving your funds, wire transfer beats them all. Because wire transfers require you to appear in person to validate your identity, it is nearly impossible that fake or wrong payment could be made in your name.



Why Not Wire Transfer Casino Banking?

If however, you place speed or convenience at #1 in your payment method criteria, a casino wire transfer may not be for you. Transfers often take several days and no gambler wants to wait several days to start playing at his/her wire transfer casinos. While every casino will send you your winnings by wire transfer and this is by far the best withdrawal option in the United States, certainly no one wants to wait days to receive substantial winnings.  Beyond this, wire transfers mean that you actually have to leave your casino static while you make a timely run to the bank.


How to Make a Wire Transfer

Though each bank has slightly different rules and procedures, once you decide to transfer your gambling funds by wire, these are the basic steps you will need to take.


  • Go with identification and the codes of your casino to the bank where you opened your account and inform them that you would like to make a bank transfer.
  • Your bank will usually take an extra service fee and send a request to the receiving party to accept the wire transfer


It really doesn’t get more complicated than that and if you have a problem with a bank transfer, your bank is always there to help.

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