In any case, I strongly suggest using an eWallet to make both deposits and withdrawals at your casino. While Paypal and Neteller are massive names in the industry, any Click2Pay casino is a force to be reckoned with.

A Click2Pay Casino Payment – Quick and Easy

What would you say if someone thought of a safe and simple way of online banking that you could use every day? In front of your computer you could stay, every time of year even in May! It would be so easy that if could be called Click2Pay.

Oh wait, this fairy-tale rhyme already exists! Click2Pay is so named because it really is that easy. After creating your account, you can transfer money or purchase good across the World Wide Web at the quick click of a button.


What is a Click2Pay Casino?

Click2Pay is in fact an eWallet and therefore functions just like Paypal and Neteller. All you have to do is create your account with Click2Pay. The next time you go to deposit in your favorite Click2Pay casino, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps and your chosen sum is registered immediately in your casino account.

Click2Pay casinos often support American customers but Click2Pay won’t allow you to make transactions with online casinos while Paypal does.

The best part about using an eWallet like Click2Pay is that you’ll never have to give your private information to a casino ever again! You need only trust your bank account or credit card information with Click2Pay Casino Payment Method. While Click2Pay is a website and therefore will always be higher risk than physically going to a bank, they’ve built a business model on keeping you and your finances secure. Click2Pay Casino Banking is a trusted and widely used eWallet.


What’s In A Name?

So now you know basically how an eWallet works, but what makes Click2Pay different from the others? Well, not much in fact. If you’re sure that you want to be making casino payments using an eWallet, there are only a couple of factors that should be considered:


  • Location

Where are you located? Certain eWallets like Click2Pay only offer their services in specific countries. Regulation gets even tighter when talking about online gambling. Click2Pay casinos often support American customers but Click2Pay won’t allow you to make transactions with online casinos while Paypal does.

  • Reputation

Read up about the company’s history and how they’ve handled themselves in the past. If you have a friend using an eWallet ask why they’ve chosen that particular brand and if they’ve ever had any issues.


Review Summary

- Easy to use
- Instant transactions
- Doesn't accept casino transactions from Americans
- Other eWallets are more commonly found in online casinos


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