Daopay has quickly taken over the world as a leading banking system in its own right. They currently provide their banking service to 3 billion customers worldwide in 200 countries. As a casino banking method, Daopay provides both a secure and convenient way to place bets at gambling sites.

Find the Way to Daopay Casino Payment

The Daopay casino banking system has many unique features that make this one of the most innovative methods of placing bets at gambling sites.

First of all, transactions take place via a phone call or text message. As advertised on their website, gamblers who are ready to place bets can simply call or text the amount they would like to pay to the casino. Daopay then charges your phone bill.

What is even better is that Daopay does not require online gamblers to provide their private information like credit card or bank account numbers. In this way, Daopay promises optimum security when placing place bets at online gambling sites.

Dao Pay Payment Methos

In a world where identity theft has become a real problem, this online banking system really stands apart by keeping your information safe.

Pay It Safe

When placing bets at the casino, the Daopay Casino banking method completely prevents fraud. Basically, they don’t require online gamblers to provide credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or private information during the transaction. This is because they charge your phone bill. In a world where identity theft has become a real problem, this online banking system really stands apart by keeping your information safe.

Nice & Simple

Daopay makes placing real-money bets at online casinos simplistic. You just choose between calling or SMS. Then you tell them how much you would like to pay to the specified online casino. Daopao casino payment even allows customers to make a payment without their credit card. Instead, gamblers can dial a phone number or text Daopay. They will then charge your phone bill with the casino deposits.

Daopay Online Casinos

The Daopay casino payment method still has a long way to go in terms of availability. Many gambling sites still only accept a handful of some of the more well-known banking methods like Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, or Neteller. That being said, a good number of casinos seem to accept Daopay. Analysts expect the online gambling industry to thrive in the next 10 years. Most likely more gambling sites will add more options for placing bets in the near future.

Review Summary

- Doesn’t charge a fee for banking
- Doesn’t require gamblers to provide their credit card or bank account information
- Not found at many online casinos


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    This sounds like a good payment system but I can’t ever recall seeing it at any of the online casinos where I play. I really like the idea of using a payment service that does not require me to enter any of my bank account or credit card info. It always feels more secure and safer.

  2. Mads

    I always use this payment system when it’s available. I honestly think more online casinos should have it. I’d recommend Daopay to anyone who can use it.

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