Direct Debit

The good old British staple Direct Debit, also known as BACS. Most revered for providing 90% of the UK with their salary, on time and securely, it’s no wonder this is a favourite payment method for the Brits. However, it’s not so widely used amongst the online casinos, as they prefer to go with other types of bank to bank transfers most of the time.

The Direct Debit Casino Payment Comes Straight To You

Direct Debit is the UK's favourite way to make payments. Direct Debit as an online casino payment method means you will have direct access to you wagering money, securely and hassle-free.

What Is Direct Debit Casino Payment?

Direct Debit, also called BACS (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) came to life in 1968. They are a not for profit entity owned jointly by 16 leading British banks and building societies.

Direct debit

Depositing to a Direct Debit online casino couldn't be safer, you decide what amount you want to deposit, and the frequency. 

At least 75% of UK adults have at least one regular Direct Debit Casino Banking. The majority of UK residents receive their wages and salaries via Direct Debit, straight to their bank accounts, from their bosses and companies bank accounts.

It is a simple, effective, convenient and safe way to transfer money from one bank account to another.

Benefits of Direct Debit

Depositing to a Direct Debit online casino couldn't be safer, you decide what amount you want to deposit, and the frequency. You are provided with a three point guarantee from your bank account, covering your money back in case of an error, advance notice if the amount of date changes from what you have instructed, and the right to cancel the direct debit at any time.
It is simple, easy and convenient to cancel a direct debit online casino payment.

Disadvantages of Direct Debit

For those that like to play different online casinos regularly, and don't have a favourite they stop by for a wager on every month, it may be presumptuous to expect a Direct Debit payment method straight away.

Also, this depositing method is not widely available at all online casinos. In such an industry where the amount you will wish to wager can vary drastically from month to month, it is not the most appropriate solution, as it is generally debited at the same amount at each payment frequency.

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