EcoCard functions similar to most eWallets which already gives it a huge leg up in being a successful and preferred payment method at online casinos. On top of what other eWallets offer however, EcoCard also allows you to manage your account on your mobile and by working with MasterCard gives customers a wider range of purchasing options than most.

EcoCard Casino Payment Works for You

EcoCard is provided by a company called PsiPay that focuses on providing technologically advanced banking options to people around the globe so that a bank is no longer the required burden and drag that is once was. EcoCard casinos are a result of this technological advancement and provide a clean and easy way to receive and send money all over the world including to and from online casinos.


How Does an EcoCard Casino Work?

EcoCard is an eWallet, similar to PayPal or Neteller. When talking about depositing funds into your online casino account, an eWallet is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of making this possible. All you have to do is make sure you’ve chosen to play at a casino that accepts EcoCard as a payment option.

With the EcoCard Prepaid MasterCard, you can take your eWallet with you where you go, even into a real grocery store to go shopping.

Next visit the EcoCard website and open an account for free; anyone can do it. Link your new eWallet account to your bank account, credit card, or debit card and fund it with cash. From then on, anytime you see that a casino or website that accepts EcoCard Casino Paymentyou don’t have to go through any effort and you don’t have to reveal your private information to any specific merchant online. In fact only EcoCard needs your information in order to successfully make payments making shopping online as easy as sleeping.


Other EcoCard Casino Banking Benefits

While EcoCard casinos are surely what you’re most interested in, you’ll be happy to hear that there are a great number of other perks to having an EcoCard account. Besides being able to make purchases online through EcoCard you can expand your purchasing horizons with Eco Webcard which teams up with MasterCard allowing you to purchase anywhere that accepts MasterCard as well.

With the EcoCard Prepaid MasterCard, you can take your eWallet with you where you go, even into a real grocery store to go shopping. EcoCard can even be managed on your iPhone making this the ultimate choice in convenience.

Review Summary

- Also offers a prepaid card through MasterCard
- Customers and manage account on mobile
- Most online casinos in America don't accept


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