You’ll never find the perfect payment method that excels in every important aspect of depositing and withdrawing at an online casino. You can either choose the area that’s most important to you, or you can choose an eWallet that will cover everything you need in the best way possible. ClickandBuy Casino Payment Method is backed by professionals and has a long history of excellence making it one of the best options available.

Get It All With a ClickandBuy Casino

Click. Buy. Click again. Buy something else. With ClickandBuy Casino Payment it’s that simple. In reality, every eWallet on the planet is that simple with a few more clicks in the middle. So what makes a ClickandBuy Casino special? This company is unique for its long reputation of excellent service and secure money transfers. Founded in 1999, ClickandBuy is now a subsidiary of Deutsch Telekom AG, Europe’s largest telecommunications company. This means that ClickandBuy provides service that’s not only quality, but quality that you can trust.


How does ClickandBuy Work?

ClickandBuy functions like almost every other eWallet. Create an account and connect it to your bank account. From then on, on every site where you see the ClickandBuy symbol, you can make a purchase (or in our case a deposit to an online casino) using your account.

An eWallet like ClickandBuy doesn’t excel in any one area. Therefore it’s neither the best, nor the worst at anything; it’s the perfect middle ground.

There are a few positives to completing transactions in this way. Besides simplicity and ease, this process helps keep you personal banking information safe as it is only entered at ClickandBuy, and trusted company that’s built a business on a reputation of being able to provide great service while also keeping customer safe from fraud and theft.


Negatives at ClickandBuy

My personal opinion and suggestion to you is to always choose to deposit and withdraw using an eWallet. Whether it be PayPal, ClickandBuy, or Neteller, these methods find the middle ground between all the others. Usually a method excels in one area (like bank transfers excel in safety) but at the cost of other important parts (bank transfers are slow and inconvenient). An eWallet like ClickandBuy doesn’t excel in any one area. Therefore it’s neither the best, nor the worst at anything; it’s the perfect middle ground.

For example bank transfers are unbeatable in the arena of safety, but they are extremely tedious and slow. An eWallet is based on an internet website, and though ClickandBuy uses the best of the best encryption technology to keep you safe, it will still never be as water proof as physically showing up at your bank to carry out a transfer. On the other hand, ClickandBuy Casino Banking is 100 times easier and more efficient than bank transfers. For most, this miniscule risk on safety is one worth taking.

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