An Instadebit casino provides Canadians with an excellent banking option that sadly many are most likely unaware of. Using Instadebit you get the best of two worlds: that of convenience and that of security. This is provided by allowing you to make bank transfers instantly into your casino account.

An Instadebit Casino Payment Gives You Security

Yes, even Canada has its own online casino payment method… and it’s a good one too! Sort of like the Canadian army: everyone’s surprised to hear that there is one and even more surprised when they find out how bad ass it really is. An Instadebit casino is no different.


What is an Instadebit Casino?

An Instadebit casino is an online casino that offers Instadebit as one of its options for depositing cash into your bank account. While Instadebit is only relevant for those with a Canadian bank account, these online gamblers are getting a huge bonus when being allowed to fund their casino account with this type of payment method.

Using an Instadebit casino gives you several key advantages and benefits that you won’t get using any other payment method.

Just create your Instadebit account and you’re ready to go! Next time you deposit in your online casino choose Instadebit, fill in your bank details and click approve. Money has just been instantly transferred directly from your bank account to your online casino account. It’s a bit like a making a bank transfer only it happens instantly! The team at Instadebit themselves compare it more to paying with a cheque than completing a bank transfer.


Benefits of an Instadebit Casino Payment

Using an Instadebit casino payment gives you several key advantages and benefits that you won’t get using any other payment method. In effect, Instadebit brings customers the convenience of an eWallet with the steadfast security of a bank transfer.

On the side of convenience, it doesn’t get any easier than transferring cash directly from your bank account into your online casino players account. True, you could perform the same similar process by choosing a bank transfer, but the beauty of an Instadebit casino is that your transactions are instant! No more waiting days for a bank transfer when you can just use Instadebit Casino Banking instead.

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