Paypal is without a doubt one of the quickest and simplest ways to deposit and withdraw funds from your online casino. Withdrawals will cost you a small amount (Paypal has to make money somehow) but deposits are free. Paypal is also very secure, but take into consideration that it is a website. Methods like bank transfers will always be your safest choice unless Paypal decides to open physical banks themselves.

Paypal Casino Payment Review

Since its origins in 2000, Paypal has quickly become one of (if not the) most popular system of making convenient payments online. They’ve been around long enough to see competitors go under and to perfect safe and easy transactions online. There is in fact very little reason to make payment at your favorite casino through any other method when Paypal is available.


Paypal is America’s eWallet

One major bonus on the side of a Paypal casino banking is Paypal’s major presence in America. While so many eWallets like NeTeller are widely available for online gambling across Europe and other parts of the world, Paypal has come to represent the online wallet of America, and having an eWallet gives more comfort and ease of mind an most other payment methods for several reasons.

Who would win in a race between The Flash and Superman to the edge of the Universe? Paypal.


  • It’s So Easy

In fact, little else in life is as simple as banking at a Paypal casino. Spend 5 minutes creating an account online and your ready to go! After that, money transfers through Paypal require only that you type in your email and Paypal password.

  • Faster than Flash

Who would win in a race between The Flash and Superman to the edge of the Universe? Paypal. Americans in particular will be amazed with Paypal’s instant deposits and withdrawals, especially if you’re used to payment methods like bank transfers that often take several days.



Paypal Casino Security

There is actually only one important factor that may cause an online gambler to choose a different payment method and that is security.

Don’t misunderstand me! Any Paypal Casino Payment review will tell you that it is a respected and widely used company. It is most certainly your safest bet for transferring funds over the internet. Their entire business is built on securely handling your money and private information. In fact, Paypal acts as the trustworthy middle man when making payments on sites that may be slightly less secure. In this way you can purchase online and your information is never even seen by the store, or in this case online Paypal casino that you’re working with.

However, Paypal is still a website. Though they are one of the most secure sites in existence, website security is almost always possible to overcome by the best hackers and computer programmers. It works a bit like an internet arms race. Companies like Paypal invent new ways to stay secure and eventually, hackers find a way to beat the new system.

Shortly after freezing the Wikileaks Paypal account in 2012 citing violations of Paypal’s terms of use, the hacker group Anonymous launched several denial-of-service attacks on America’s eWallet which reportedly cost Paypal as much as 3.5 million British Pounds.

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