JCB Card is fast becoming a popular payment method worldwide and, this will result in more and more deposits at online casinos with the customer service focused payment method. With a nice cashback deal and other benefits, here at VegasMaster we predict more and more people will be joining the JCB Club.

The JCB Casino Payment Review

JCB International Credit Card Co. Ltd is the only international payment brand having originated in Japan. They have been leading the Japanese card industry since 1961, developing card functionality and concentrating on providing value to the international customer. Their core brand values are a challenging spirit, a Japanese style hospitality and diversity through flexibility. Their Los Angeles, California based branch was established in 1987, long before online casinos were invented in order to make JCB a popular online casino payment method.

JCB Casino Banking & The Online Casino

Boasting over 79 million cardholders and over 5.5 million merchant locations in the US alone (23 million worldwide), as an online casino payment method JCB is a connoisseurs choice. JCB Card is accepted in over 190 countries and, deals are being struck with new countries and banking institutions all the time, making JCB a real contender as a credit card for use in our daily lives.

JCB Casino Payment - The Pros & Cons

JCB Card is an online casino payment method currently issued in 15 countries. While not every US state can enjoy the use of this credit card, JCB cardholders do not have to pay a yearly fee to join this club.

Their core brand values are a challenging spirit, a Japanese style hospitality and diversity through flexibility. 

With cashback ranging from 1% to 3% on all purchases, businesses accepting JCB Card as an online payment method are certainly increasing and, depositing with JCB at an online casino couldn’t be easier - it is used just like any credit card and, if you are lucky enough to find your favourite online casino accepts it, you will enjoy the cashback and quality customer serviced mind-set they are notorious for.

Review Summary

-No yearly fees
-Simple to use
-Not available in all US states


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