Visa Electron

While Visa Electron isn’t an option for players in specific countries, this is a common and useful payment method for any European gamblers to use. It has the advantages of putting limits on your gambling expenditures and limiting the amount of money you put at risk.

A Visa Electron Casino Gives You the Control

A Visa Electron casino functions in the same way as using a regular Visa debit card. The differences are in availability and the amount of cash you can access using the card. In any case, Visa Electron casinos offer many benefits that make this one of the industry’s preferred online casino payment methods.


How Does a Visa Electron Casino Work?

Visa Electron works just like any other debit card. Apply for a card through your bank or other card distributor and you’re on your way! Once you have your card you can use it online and in real stores for your everyday shopping. In Visa Electron casinos all you have to do is enter you card number when you go to deposit into your casino account.

With Visa Electron you strictly have access to existing cash and nothing more.

The only difference between Visa’s normal debit card and Visa Electron is that Visa Electron only gives you access to existing cash in your bank account. Visa’s normal debit card generally acts as a credit card that must be paid off at the end of the month. This means that while you have a limit, you can go offer the amount of money you have in your account as long as that money is there once per month when your payments are due. With Visa Electron you strictly have access to existing cash and nothing more. This gives players the advantage of having a strict limit on their gambling habits.

In this way those concerned about safety are also only putting at risk cash that they already have when they give an online casino their number while giving a casino your credit card puts much more than you have at risk of being stolen.


Where Does Visa Electron Work?

Due to several different laws and banking preferences across the world, Visa Electron is the #1 debit card in Europe while it’s not offered at all in the United States, Canada, Ireland, or Australia. While not available in these specific countries however, Visa Electron casinos are common across Europe as this is a common card for most Europeans to have anyway.

Review Summary

- Limits your gambling to only what is in your bank account
- Widely used and easily available in Europe
- Isn't available in US, Canada, Ireland and Australia


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