With the ease of use, the fact 21GNET Software does everything but the marketing for the casinos using it and the potential to bring the four corners of the earth together to win big, this is truly the way to personalise blackjack tournaments. I can’t see why any online casino would not want this software available to their players!

21GNET Casino Software Scores 21 Nets

If you have ever played in an online blackjack tournament, you have used the innovative take on one of the most popular online casino's car games by 21GNET Software. While the software powering the online blackjack tournaments is still patent pending, the casino's using it are very active, along with their players as 21GNET are the only software capable of providing such tournaments.

21GNET Casino Software Review - Is this the 21st Century Solution?

21GNET says "Blackjack Tournaments offer the thrill of Blackjack, the strategy of chess, and the social fun of a community game as players compete against each other while drawing against the dealer. Players really like the fact there is no house advantage. The chat feature is always a buzz on the tables too as players talk it up with each other during the good and bad beats of the game."

Publicised as “The Next Real Deal”, 21 GNET offers four different blackjack tournaments:-

Mano a Mano gives you a chance to out-think and out-manoeuvre your opponent in a quick game that is a steady favourite.

Sit N' Go runs 24/7 and you will need to wait for at least 3 players to begin. There is a maximum of 6 players to a table and players engage in a free for all insult wise as they vie for top dog. This tournament is a good pre-gamer for the Multi-tables.

Multi-Tournaments happen twice a day, every day. The draw is a bigger prize but, it is definitely more difficult to find a place on the leader board. This is a tournament requiring skill and not for the faint hearted!

Private Tournaments are the most marketable tournament and most attractive to new customers and used by 21GNET affiliates as a tool to retain existing custom.

Publicised as “The Next Real Deal”, 21GNET offers four different blackjack tournaments.

21 Thousand Reasons To Choose 21Gnet Casino Software?

With a range of different tournaments and provision of all backend support for its casino clients, a marketing interface that slots in nicely with the current software platforms and an extremely popular idea to rival other card game tournaments, 21GNET is certainly hitting the spot as a unique addition to any decent casino. The interaction possible between players from all over the world in such a tournament is a definite perk but, watch your slang when chatting on the boards, you don't want to get in trouble for using a word that can be misconstrued in a different country!

In addition to the tournaments, 21GNET offers freerolls and other interesting promotions. There are weekly Victory Points and Loyalty Points tournaments to choose from and enjoy.

Amongst other 21GNET bonuses, the casino software platform is secured with the latest version of Java and SSL 128-bit encryption technology. Trained professionals are on hand to monitor everything, including the chats between players during tournaments and to provide round the clock assistance.

Review Summary

-Slots in nicely with any existing casino software
-Provides an exciting interactive alternative to regular blackjack
-Welcomes players from the US
-Can take a while to receive your tournament winnings
-Server occasionally disconnects due to large amount of players


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