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888 software is one of those names that everyone has heard and everyone recognizes. The mere popularity of the name is what attracts most people. After all, the most popular casino can be reasonably assumed to be the best right? In this case, not so much. While there are some basic qualities that give 888 legitimacy as gaming software, the experience the user gains here is mostly mediocre and not worth the investment.

Get It All in the 888 Casino Software Review

888 Casino and it’s software have been absolute giants in the online gambling world since the late 1990s. Through aggressive marketing and wide recognition for their long history, their software remains on top of the industry even today as far and wide spread use and earnings are concerned. I’m not convinced that this is a good thing for players. 888 online casino software presents customers with slow performance and mediocre quality that I don’t enjoy much as an experienced player who is familiar with all the other great options out there.


888 Casino Software Graphics and Sound

Graphics and sound observable during game play at 888 is hit and miss at best. Certain games truly succeed in creating the perfect atmosphere like in A Nightmare on Elm Street slot machine. This is a game second to none on 888’s list of games. The dark, creepy background splattered with blood and the horribly deep laughter of Freddie Krueger when you click spin is nothing less than brilliant.

Programmers at 888 have certainly put the most effort into the live casino which runs smoothly and offers good service.

For most games in the 888 suite this is not the case however. Graphics and visuals are mostly plain and boring. Forget whether or not sound effects and background music are theme and game appropriate, the sound is simply poor quality. More than this, the software functions slowly often taking 5-10 seconds to respond to your mouse clicks.

In the downloadable version of 888 casino software, all the games begin automatically downloading and you have no control over which games to download first or last. Downloads take forever and you’ll certainly want to leave the lobby open over night so that the next day you will have a full selection of games to choose from.


888 Casino Software Games

888 software is host to all the traditional casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, scratch cards and slot machines. While it is a positive thing that all of these options are available, the quality is far away from what a seasoned online gambler would expect.

Slots do have lots of good themes however from dinosaurs to superheroes like the Hulk. 888 software also maintains a quality live casino which they are best known for. Programmers at 888 have certainly put the most effort into the live casino which runs smoothly and offers good service.


Where Can you Play 888?

Since you’re here I can only assume you would like to give 888 software a try after all you’ve heard about it. And why not? Though I don’t choose this software for my personal game playing, I’m always for trying something new. Unfortunately, Americans still won’t have the opportunity to try this software as 888 only functions abroad. Keep your hopes up though! Laws are changing rapidly in the States and 888 has announced developing plans to expand to the biggest gambling market in the world.

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