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Boss Media casino software has a long history of excellence and great quality. Today it’s called SPIELO G2, but gaming quality hasn’t disappeared along with the name. By providing live gambling, Brand name games, and other huge benefits, modern day Boss Media ought to be one of the big players in the industry, but is in fact used by few casinos.

Boss Media Gaming Software – New Name, Same Quality

Boss Media casino software was founded in 1996. Based in Sweden the company went public offering casino gaming software in 1999. In 2008, the company was bought by GTECH G2 now referred to as SPIELO G2.

Boss Media Casino Software Graphics

Though now officially called SPIELO G2, the company continues the great legacy of Boss Media casino software who was the first to introduce HD graphic to online casino gambling. The software produces only high quality games and works closely with clients to customize the type of casino suite that they require.


Boss Media Casino Software Games

Boss Media casino software has always been a provider of a large number of casino games. Today SPIELO G2 offers players a suite of over 400 games to fulfill their gambling desires. They’ve also gone the distance to make these games available to as many players as possible. The new Boss Media is compatible with all platforms including mobile devices like phones and tablets, MAC, PC, laptops and desktops.

The software produces only high quality games and works closely with clients to customize the type of casino suite that they require.

The suite at the modern day Boss Media casino software also includes some of the best live casino gaming on the market. Their regular gaming includes branded names that always draw in loyal players for familiarity and interest, a bit like hearing a cool remix to one of your favorite songs. SPIELO G2 works with these brand names:


  • Deal or No Deal
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • CSI
  • The Fast and the Furious


Boss Media Casino Software Localization

While today’s Boss Media casino software offers a massive suite of games, there aren’t very many online casinos using this to their advantage. Big names like Bwin and Betfred Casino use parts of the SPIELO G2 software to fill up their casino experience and several other casino brands do as well, but relatively few rely strictly on what was once Boss Media. Both Bwin and Betfred for example use as many as 6 other software.

Review Summary

- HD gaming graphics
- Brand name games
- Not offered in many online casinos


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