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I give Casino Web Scripts an A for effort; they have built up a rather nice index of games that are updated constantly. Features are free spins and linguistic support in 5 languages, and there’s a whole host of integrated opportunities given to you by Casino Web Scripts to make an online casino even more playable.

Casino Web Scripts Gaming Software Review

Casino Web Scripts has been around and programming since 2003 but. It wasn't until 2009 that they started thinking about a Casino Web Scripts online casino gaming software. They boast a head office in Bucharest, Romania, a self-professed city that never sleeps and full of people that tend to work day and night to achieve their objectives. They are proud to tell us that these are the people that make up their staff. So, what does 10 years of experience in writing scripts and software mean for a Casino Web Scripts online casino?

Casino Web Scripts Graphics

Casino Web Scripts graphics are truly glorious and, you can certainly see the amount of work, time and effort that has gone into perfecting their new trade in online casino gaming software. With 3D slot options, multi-player games, video slots and games of skill, you will see graphics that truly test the creative waters.

Casino Web Scripts Features

This stand-alone gaming software can easily integrate Bitcoin and other payment methods, multi-language customer support and websites. There is also an option to transfer money from player to player, so you can help put a friend when the spins aren't going his way. There's a Casino Web Scripts VIP points programme which is fairly rewarding and also fairly standard as these VIP points go. Casino Web Scripts Jackpots frequency is customisable too.

With 3D options, multi-player games, video slots and games of skill, you will see graphics that truly test the creative waters.

Casino Web Scripts Games & Free Spins

With over 120 games, Casino Web Script games are available in any web browser or using an AIR downloadable client. There are multiplayer games galore, such as Lucky Derby Multiplayer Horse Race, Multiplayer Real Greyhound Dog Racing; plus an ultimate version in 3D. You've even got Thunder Monkeys, another multiplayer race and a 3D Drag Race to go to.

They offer some 3D versions of our usual table games too. They also provide excellent software that determines how many free spins it is possible to give to a Casino Web Scripts games player.

Review Summary

-Enhanced play demo mode
-Multiple language support
-Glorious graphics
-None, even the music is fairly decent


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