Electracade casino software is a wonderful gaming experience. Every game surprises the player with quality and uniqueness. Unfortunately its availability is low meaning that fewer customers know of Electracade casino software and enjoy the great new experience it offers.

Electracade Casino Software – Gambling in New Heights

Meet the future of online gambling. Founded in 2004, Electracade casino software has come to be recognized for offering their casino customers innovation and fresh experiences in every corner of a casino. From a new take on the term “virtual casino” and a large selection of unique games, Electracade casino software is only headed up from here.


Electracade Casino Software Graphics & Sound

Electracade casino software games are unique for their innovation delivery and fresh outlook on the same game type, but graphics and sound don’t suffer for it. While Electracade doesn’t produce 3D slots yet, graphics and smooth game play put them about on the same level with Microgaming or NetEnt, two of the industry’s bit hitters.

Electracade casino software also has the advantage of a suite of games filled to the brim with different options and different experiences.

Innovation can be seen at Electracade casino software even through their graphics and audio. For example, one of their variations of Black Jack on offer portrays an entire computer designed casino with people weaving in and out of rows of slot machines in the background and a computerized female dealer dishing out your cards. In my opinion she comes across as creepy at best, but still innovative and new.


Electracade Casino Software Games

Electracade casino software also has the advantage of a suite of games filled to the brim with different options and different experiences. Their site online lays out the full list of options that includes several varieties of Black Jack as well as other table games. Slot machines are also plentiful, but the real surprises at Electracade casino software are located in the “unique propositions” section where you can find all kinds of new and different casino games. You can use your knowledge of Hollywood stars and plot one against the other in a betting game that’s not entirely chance. The same can be done for types of aircraft and other subjects.


Electracade Casino Software Localization

Electracade casino games have a large selection and provides such a positive experience that you could only expect it to be available nearly everywhere right? Wrong. Unfortunately, there is no casino that works singly with Electracade like most casinos work with Microgaming or Real Time Gaming. Electracade casino software is available in several casinos but never on its own and none of these casinos accept American gamblers.

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