Established in 1996, OpenBet has been around since online gambling was first conceived. Though their name hasn’t become as recognizable as Microgaming or Real Time Gaming, their suite of games up for grabs is just as good and also quite innovative.

Discover Something New at OpenBet Casino Software

OpenBet is not one of the best known casino software providers, yet their contribution to the industry is significant and I could name a few casinos that could benefit from investing in OpenBet’s fresh look on gaming. They’ve got all the normal games as well as branded slots that break the mold and unique gambling games that are the first of their kind.


OpenBet Casino Software Graphics & Sound

Graphics and sounds at OpenBet casino software are about as good as they come without making the leaps and bounds required to make 3D slots and other productions like live casinos. While everything is animated and drawn in a simple way, it’s barely fair to blame the artist for his style. Whatever artists and programmers are doing at OpenBet, it’s working. Game play is smooth, active and lots of fun. Even on a slot with what could only be described as a boring theme, the constant motion of the slot and surrounding animations make it fun and interesting.

One of the best things about OpenBet casino software is that while it holds to an appealing level of quality in its games, there are also lots of them to choose from.

Sound is also of good quality in all of OpenBet’s games. In Blackjack games for example, the flipping of the cards is the most realistic sounding I’ve heard yet, giving a feeling of professionalism and pinache to everyone’s favorite strategy game.


OpenBet Casino Software Games

One of the best things about OpenBet casino software is that while it holds to an appealing level of quality in its games, there are also lots of them to choose from. You can pick from video poker, table games, anything you want really; it’s a full casino experience with OpenBet.

One of the biggest pluses on their gaming menu are their branded games like ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’. This is a slot machine most may not typically expect when hearing the term branded slot machine, but it’s shown me that it’s time players broke out of the box of Playtech and Microgaming’s marvel slots. As fun as they are, there are lots of new, fresh ideas out there worth cultivating.


OpenBet Casino Software Localization

Though OpenBet casino software isn’t such a well-known name in the industry, they currently supply at least 25 online casinos with their brand of quality gaming. Some of them include big names like William Hill and BetFair while other less popular customers have jumped on board like ToteSport and PKR. Though none of the casinos using OpenBet are open to American customers, European online gamblers should have no issues finding somewhere where they can try out OpenBet for themselves.

Review Summary

- A unique set of games and themes give new experience
- Good quality graphics and audio engineering
- Not available for play in America


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