As such a young software company, to have come as far if not further than most of their rivals, Top Game Technology deserves a firm and friendly pat on the back. With several software features that enhance players’ joy and ease while gambling, Top Game Technology is sure to develop into an industry leader in the next few years.

Top Game Technology Casino Software is Only at the Beginning

The online casino market is constantly changing. With such a large number of casinos in competition with one another, each strives to find its own unique corner where they can stand out in the crowd. This requires that they offer either something new and different or something of higher quality and reputation than any other operators. Top Game Technology gaming software gives operators the opportunity to provide both of these critical elements. As a young company created in 2008, it has one or two small points that it needs to improve on to draw a wider audience but at just a few years old, it’s only the beginning for this unique software company.


Is Top Game Technology Top Quality?

While Top Game Technology provides a gambling experience that is better than many others, it falls just short of earning the title ‘top’ as I have experience with one or two other online casinos like Bovada that I personally feel offer the best experience that currently exists. That being said, Top Game Technology has certainly pioneered some unique and useful qualities and that means happily engaged customers.

To begin with, Top Game Technology has worked hard to make their software easy to download. By compressing their files to small sizes, they ensure that downloads are quicker than most other casinos and a very short wait is required to open each individual game.

On opening the casino software you are immediately greeted by a short tutorial that lays out the platform’s build for you to make sure you know your way around.

On opening the casino software you are immediately greeted by a short tutorial that lays out the platform’s build for you to make sure you know your way around. As this will get annoying after the first few times, you’ll want to check the box that stops this tutorial from appearing after every log in.

Though lobby designs are mostly developed by the casino owners themselves, I have yet to encounter a casino run on Top Game Technology that is not presented in a clean and appealing manner. A comfortably designed menu is located vertically on the left side of the screen. One of Top Game Technology’s most unique and useful features, an online chat screen, is embedded in the software and always invites you for a quick chat on the right side of your screen.

Top Game Technology casino software is also among the only software (if not the only) that allows you to have several games being played at once with a built in tab system just like your favorite internet browser. Top Game also gives you personalization options with multiple choices for background music and a male or female voice if you want these things at all.

While I’ve seen better graphics, Top Game works with excellent 3D visuals on the same level as long respected software such as Real Time Gaming. In fact they go a step further than Real Time Gaming by adding voices, though I wouldn’t suggest the female voice which seems to change in tone with every sentence.


What You Get at Top Game Technology

The high quality visuals, sounds, and functions of Top Game Technology are matched by a healthy range of gaming options. Whether you’re a roulette enthusiast or a video slots kind of person, there’s a large group of games for you.

Some of the more unique features in the Top Game Technology casino software arsenal include high stakes roulette and blackjack for anyone looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, and tens of different options for video slots with themes not offered by any other software. When compared to other software solutions however, the young company falls short in its offerings of video poker where enthusiasts will be disappointed to find only four different options.


Where Can I Play Top Game Technology Games?

One reason for the quick success of Top Game Technology is the fact that they accept and cater to American customers as well as others from all over the world. They do this by supporting several major world languages and by holding to their high standards for each and every one.

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