Some software companies and online casinos give customers a feeling that they’re taking a gamble just by creating an account and making their first deposit. While the graphics and sound could be improved for an enhanced gambling experience at Wager Gaming Technologies, any casinos running this professional software are surely the safest betting options available online today.

Wager Gaming Technology Casino Software Is a Safe Bet

As a software brand that seems to have been revived in just recently over the course of 2012, information on Wager Gaming Technology is scarce, conflicting, and at best unclear when comparing sources across the web. Although I’ve managed to put together some of the most important pieces considering its past, present, and future, one thing everyone in the online casino world can agree on is that Wager Gaming Technology (or WGS) casinos running the software are reliable sources of online gambling as it ought to be.


Wager Gaming Technology Graphics & Sound

As the software is an overall positive experience, it’s a shame for me to get this review started on the wrong foot, but I have to be in honest and say that the ‘technology’ in Wager Gaming Technology casinos is somewhat lacking.

The company has been around for two name changes over the years from Odds On Software at its beginnings to Vegas Technology in 2003, and finally to Wager Gaming Technology in 2012, and as an online gambler I would expect more from a veteran software provider.

Though Odds On Software began on the business model of providing security for online money transfers, they had already begun creating casino software by the switch to Vegas Technology meaning that they’ve had at least 10 years to bring their software to the cutting edge of the market.

The company has been around for two name changes over the years from Odds On Software at its beginnings to Vegas Technology in 2003, and finally to Wager Gaming Technology in 2012, and as an online gambler I would expect more from a veteran software provider.

Unfortunately, the visual and audio possibilities that could immensely improve your gaming experience are lost on Wager Gaming Technology. Graphics are old and childish feeling while the lobby itself looks like a poorly made computer game from the early 90s. Though individual games have clever animations  like the bouncing number balls in Keno that truly add to the atmosphere of the game, small things still take away from the visual experience like the winners ticker tape that bounces across the screen pixel by pixel instead of flowing smoothly.

The sounds and voices provided by Wager Gaming Technology casinos are also very basic and although navigation is simple and straight forward, get ready to double click the spin button on the slots as the mouse becomes inactive until moving or clicking again.


Wager Gaming Technology Game Variety

I immensely appreciate every casino game for its ability to transport me to a new place and new atmosphere. Whether it’s the cleverly themed slots or the excitement of the craps table, every activity has its own unique feel that provides excitement and fun.

One of the best things that can be said about Wager Gaming Technology is its pure amount of atmospheres, and ‘unique feels’ that are provided in an excellent selection of games. Earn some cash in the tropical jungle with ‘King Tiger’ or go shopping for your winnings in ‘Supermarket’. Strategically place your bets and spin the roulette wheel again and again earning sums of cash with each round. Whatever feel you’re looking for, Wager Game Technology has a compatible option for you.


Wager Gaming Technology Jackpots

Jackpot options at Wager Game Technology function similar to all casino software. Progressive slots are entertaining and provide the opportunity to play for the big bucks, but unfortunately, these specific slots cannot be tested in the ‘Play for Fun’ mode.


Where Can I Play Wager Game Technology?

There are currently only two online casinos I could locate that are running on the Wager casino software including the new casino ‘Miami Club’ premiered just in the last year, and the popular ‘Liberty Slots’ casino.

All sites and games running on Wager Works Casino Software are available in the U.S. where their presence is showing every sign of growing.


No Need to Fear, Wager Game Technology is Here!

Wager Game Technology software is available to play both online in its flash version and by free download to your computer. Game play provides the same experience on both, but more importantly, both versions can be highly trusted.

Having started out providing secure monetary transactions across the web, the company is well familiar with keeping its customers safe. Beyond this point, I have been unable to confirm any legitimate or semi legitimate complaint against the company, its safety, or the usage of its software in over 10 years of providing software solutions.

Review Summary

- Reputation for fairness and security
- Significant amount of different themes
- Poor graphics
- Only available at two online casinos


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