• Craps has a long history, with debate regarding the origins of the game.
  • Craps is a Game of Chance and requires no strategy.
  • Craps is immensely popular in Online Casinos and Land-Based Casinos.

I won’t lie. I have no idea where the game of Craps Online originated or how it became popular enough that everyone expects to see it in some version or another in every Professional Casino establishment. There are however, a few points that can be made about its history that everyone seems to agree on.

Early Craps

Again, pinpointing where the game comes from or when it was developed is near impossible. I’ve heard Ancient Egypt, the Holy Roman Legionnaires (I’m not even sure Holy Roman soldiers were called Legionnaires), France, Crusaders, Arabs, the British. Oh, we’ll throw in the Chinese and the Mongols just to give Eastern cultures a chance too.

What is confirmed is that somewhere, sometime in history, soldiers used to carve the bones of sheep and other animals into cubes and play dice games thus spawning the phrase ‘roll the bones’.

The game was eventually popular among French nobles and entered North America by way of New Orleans. This was already in the 19th Century and the game, along with Casino gambling in general took off during the next 100 years, all the way up to the Online Casinos we have today where everyone can expect to find a virtual Craps Table.

What is Craps?

Craps is known for being one the most exciting Casino Games around. In a real Casino, you can find the Craps Table by following the hoots, hollers, clapping, ooohing, and awing. There’s something about picking up those dice and preparing for a through that gets your blood flowing and wanting more.

Craps is also recognized as being one of the most difficult games to master. There are a multitude of possible bets to make and understanding the long list of Casino Slang used at the Tables is an important part of learning to play Craps.

Unlike Card Games such as Blackjack, strategy in Craps is limited as throwing dice is a mostly a matter of chance. By understanding the odds behind each bet however, you can choose where to put your money so that you have the best chances of at least stretching your budget for more playtime. After all, the Casino and especially the fast-paced Craps Game is all about having fun.