As the Reels Turn: Episode 2

As The reels Turn Episode 2 slot game still has it. The sequel lives up to the exquisitely crafted atmosphere and graphics that the first one set for us when it invited us into its world. You will certainly while away a lot of time playing between these episodes!

As The Reels Turn Episode 2 Slot Review

The next exciting episode of As The Reels Turn. Episode 2 promises to keep the thrills spinning you round out of control, like the 5 reels in this 15 payline slot game.

Our Story So Far

Matt Grey, the shrewd and cynical General Manager of the Paradiso Casino reveals his thoughts and concerns for the future of the casino to his only friend, Ivan, his per piranha, as he locks a mystery envelope in his office safe.

Later, Max discusses his concerns with Rex, the Paradiso's floor manager, and Terry, the Paradiso's owner. Rex suggests using "the item" as leverage to solve "a problem" but Matt rejects this idea. Terry meanwhile, is more concerned with the colour of his new convertible.

This sets the scene for the second instalment of At The Reels Episode 2 slot game jackpot fest. The story continues and gets darker still, with more characters and plot twists being thrown in the mix, setting up for an awesome continuing adventure.

As The Reels Turn Episode 2 Graphics and Bonus Features

The graphics are equally as glorious as the first episode and, most of the symbols are the same, with a few new characters adding their faces to our reels. Danny substitutes Tommy W as our scatter symbol that will lead us to that intriguing bonus game.

One bonus round needs you to help Matt spot some fake chips that the counterfeiters have been trying to pass off as theirs. The more real chips you click and fakes you ignore, the more coins you win.

This sets the scene for the second instalment of At The Reels Episode 2 slot game jackpot fest.

When you get 3 or more Vanessa symbols, she whips out her long dark hair and tosses it at you from her elegant, sophisticated hair-do. These are just some of the excellent graphics that make up As The Reels Turn Episode 2 slot.

This slot game is definitely worth your time, if you haven't checked out As The Reels Turn, Episode 1 - you may want to before you try out the second episode.

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