Cryptologic’s Daredevil slot machine can only be described as a comic book nerd’s wet dream. With the same style of art seen in original comics and perfect representations of Daredevil, Electra, and all the story’s villains, many people will get great joy from this game. For those less familiar, graphics appear poor and the story will seem unfamiliar and boring.

Daredevil Slot Machine Brings Back Comic Glory

Join the blind man with no fear as he battles his greatest villains in Cryptologic’s Daredevil slot machine. Though Cryptologic isn’t known for producing the highest quality of slot machines, it is a software company known for its Marvel themed slot machines that focus heavily on the old style of comics and drag you into the universe of superheroes.


Daredevil Slot Machine Graphics & Audio

While I understand their desire to emanate the comic book theme as much as possible, the Daredevil slot software and graphics just come across as fuzzy, and not as clear as they should be. I have no problem with the comic style drawings of newspapers, super villains, daggers, and Daredevil himself that make up the reel symbols.

Daredevil slot machine contains a good special feature, but it’s easy to get bored with just one.

Audio is about the same. While I can assume that Cryptologic engineers were going for a classic feel, what audio there is, is scratchy and sounds like you’re listening to vinyl from the 20s. There is no background music period and sound effects only come in for wins and special features.


Daredevil Slot Bonus Features

Daredevil slot machine contains a good special feature, but it’s easy to get bored with just one. There are no free spins in Daredevil, though there is a wild symbol of the Daredevil leaping over rooftops on his way to fight the bad guy.

Getting three scatter symbols marked as “Daredevil” leads you to the bonus feature where you pick slots from the reels to reveal different super villains. When three symbols of the same villain is revealed you often win quite a massive cash prize.

The game is also connected to the Marvel Hero Jackpot where you can get a massive win straight into your pocket. The game also features an autoplay button but doesn’t give you the option to automatically select 50 or 100 spins. You have to physically click the plus button 100 times for 100 free spins. Actually, it only goes up to 99.

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