Jurassic World

Jurassic World is still certainly capable of providing players with sudden wins and T-Rex sized ones at that. Like the films, Microgaming’s newest release is very much a slot that everyone can enjoy.

Frighteningly Fun Jurassic World Slot Machine

Get ready to spin the reels of the Jurassic World slot machine, Micrgaming’s branded online video slot that is based on the 2015 summer blockbuster movie. This 5-reel and 243 ways to win dino-themed slot is equipped with some of the premium software developer’s most awesome features. The game has been designed with Parallax Scrolling effects, which makes the images in the game highly realistic. It is also filled with super bonus features including free spins with mini features, such as running wilds, wild multipliers, wild reels, and mystery multipliers.

There are two things which instantly stand out when one looks at the new Jurassic World slot machine. Firstly, this is the second such slot in the Jurassic Park film franchise to be released by Microgaming, following on from their Jurassic Park slot in 2014. Secondly, the new Jurassic World slot expertly showcases and pays homage to the Jurassic World movie, the first in a new series of sequels to the popular dinosaur film franchise.

Most players were impressed with the features and the graphics utilised by Microgaming in their original slot, and so that is where we are going to start with our Jurassic World slot review. One can only hope that there is as much action, awesome features and nifty wins in this new game than there was in its predecessor.

Faithful and truly astonishing graphics

If you’ve seen Jurassic World, you will instantly recognise the imagery on the reels of the game, as well as the backdrop. Set against the Mosasaur aquarium background – which played such a big role in the ending of the film – the reels are sunken down below the waves. Upon those reels are characters from the game, including Hoskins, Owen, Clare and Mr Masrani, as well as dinosaurs from the hit movie, which include Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodon, Velociraptors, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and of course, the star of Jurassic World, the genetically engineered Indominus Rex.

The Jurassic World video slot’s graphics are mildly animated, but so were the symbols of the first Jurassic Park slot. In fact, the types of symbols chosen from this game all reminiscent of those used in its predecessor. Likewise, the special symbols which appear in the Jurassic World online slot are the same as though which appear in Jurassic Park, including amber for scatters, and the game’s logo for wilds.

A cheap yet richly rewarding experience

As with all Microgaming’s 243 ways to win slots, players cannot alter the paylines which appear in the game. Instead, total bets range from a floor of 30p per spin, up to a total of £7.20 per spin, which makes the Jurassic World game cheaper than its predecessor.

The Jurassic World jackpot is non-progressive in nature, and Microgaming claims that you can win £102,000 in total. Of course, to bag that prize, players will need to be wagering on the maximum wager. Scatters symbols are the best paying icons in the slot, and landing 5 anywhere on the reels will get you closer to that cash prize.

Brachiosaurus-sized bonuses

Wild symbols appear as the Jurassic World logo. These symbols are stacked in the game, and often up to 10 symbols deep. Wilds can substitute for all symbols barring scatters.

The amber scatter icons are the key to triggering the Jurassic World slot bonuses. Players need 3 to trigger the Jurassic World free spins bonus and pocket scattered wins, but landing just 2 of them on the reels will turn them into wilds, which is an awesome new feature, and one which was sorely lacking in the first game.

microgaming jurrasic world slot machine game options The free spins bonus in Jurassic World is multi-tiered. Players will randomly be taken to one of 3 parts of the Jurassic World park to enjoy a unique set of free spins. After triggering the bonus for the fifteenth time, the choice is yours.

At any point in the game, the Indominus Red can appear at random. When it does, it can provide players with an instant win cash prize which is worth up to 1,000x their total bet. This feature has undoubtedly been designed to replace the T-Rex Alert Mode from the original Jurassic Park slot machine.

Ferocious free spins to keep you going

The Jurassic World bonus game could see you start off in the Gyrosphere Valley. There, players get to enjoy 10 free spins, with a multiplier increasing on every non-winning spin, in a feature known as the Multiplier Trail.

Another option is to start in the Creation Lab, where you can net 10 free spins with Microgaming’s legendary Rolling Reels feature. This sees winning symbols removed and replaced with new ones, whilst an increasing multiplier is dished out for consecutive wins.

microgaming jurrasic world slot machine free spins

The final part of the island you can visit is the Raptor Den. A total of 10 free spins are handed out to players, with all scatter icons acting as wilds in this bonus. Scatter wilds are also held into place until they provide players with a win. Landing 3 or more scatters provides players with additional free spins, too.

Microgaming brings dinosaurs back from the dead

The Jurassic World slot may not have as many free spin features as its predecessor, but Microgaming have compensated for that by having new additions, such as having the little bonus where landing only two scatters turns them into wilds, and the instant win cash prize bonus. Whilst most players will admit the T-Rex Alert Mode from the original game, Jurassic World is still certainly capable of providing players with sudden wins and sizeable ones at that.

Given the surprise popularity of the movie, it was inevitable that Microgaming was going to developed a Jurassic World slot. They seem to be the go-to-guys when it comes to major Hollywood motion pictures being replicated in the online casino world. Given the way they have expertly designed the Jurassic World slot machine, we can only applaud them. Like the films, this is very much a slot for everyone.

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