Naughty Or Nice?

If you’re looking for a slot machine that will hold your interest and keep you motivated, men will have found their dream game in Naughty or Nice. If you’re a woman on the other hand, you may find that this isn’t quite the game for you… unless you’re just a tad bit naughty yourself.

Are You a Naughty or Nice Slot Machine Gambler?

Ever wonder what really goes on at Santa’s workshop or how a clearly disgruntled Mrs. Claus can possibly put up with a husband who keeps a list of naughty girls? Now you can find out in what is perhaps one of the most risqué Christmas-themed online slot machines - ‘Naughty or Nice’.


Obviously designed for a male audience, Real Time Gaming’s Naughty or Nice is one sexy slot machine that is definitely guaranteed to keep the interest of most gamblers with its enticing graphics and teasing animations. The graphics are relatively simple compared to some of the industry’s best slot machines, but it’s the playful sultry theme that really makes this a game a joy to play.

"You might convince yourself that it’s all innocent if it weren’t for Santa’s two girls. Both work as wild symbols but the one in green lingerie has landed herself on Santa’s naughty list (possibly for the way she spanks herself and beckons you over when she appears on the reels) and the other has retained her innocence… well, at least in Santa’s eyes."

The Naughty or Nice slot software is brightly colored and designed to resemble a living room on Christmas morning, but it’s the holiday music, appropriate sound effects, and scantily dressed dancing female characters that really set the atmosphere.

Why would go Nice when you can go Naughty without getting into trouble?

Why would you go Nice when you can be Naughty without getting into any trouble?

The 5 reel and 3 row game is played on 50 lines and includes an autoplay option. It is a high volatility slot and features a flexible coin denomination that ranges from 0.01 to 5.00. Plenty of winning opportunities are offered, giving you the chance to score big with a fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins or to get really lucky by hitting the progressive jackpot.


The large number and letter icons on the Naughty or Nice slot machine reels are fashioned out of gold tinsel and are part of colorful Christmas ornaments, but it’s the special symbols that keep you entertained here. Mrs. Claus, decked out in her nightgown and brandishing a rolling pin, looks ready to give someone a piece of her mind, Santa looks surprised (but is he, really?) and Blitzen can’t seem to get that lacey pink bra off his antlers. Meanwhile, the Naughty or Nice logo (the game's appropriate scatter symbol) is a perfect complement to the theme. Naughty sports devil's horns and tail while Nice wear the angel's halo.

All those images aside, you might convince yourself that the slot was entirely innocent if it weren’t for Santa’s two girls. Both work as wild symbols but Naughty - the girl in green lingerie - has landed herself on Santa’s naughty list (possibly for the way she spanks herself and beckons you over when she appears on the reels). Nice, on the other hand - wearing baby blue lingerie with white fur -  has retained her innocence… well, at least in Santa’s eyes. I personally suspect that her low cut blue one piece and flirty look are anything but innocent.

Any time you score a winning combo with either of these "wild" girls, the appropriate music starts and they will dance for you. Naughty will get down in front of a fire and Nice will dance in front of a window where you can see snow falling outside.


The slot machine’s special feature is triggered when three or more scatter symbols of a Naughty or Nice wreath appear. Once the feature is activated, both the Naughty and Nice girls will appear and both will entice you to pick one of them. The one you don't choose will sulk and tell you that you don't know what you're missing (I personally made sure to give both girls a turn and I'm glad I did. They've both got something fun to offer!)

Don't let grandma spoil all the fun!

Don't let grandma spoil all the fun!

Once you’ve made your choice, that girl will become the Bonus symbol for the feature and you are given ten free spins. Throughout the feature, both girls remain wild symbols but the girl you picked will double your payouts. Plus, during these free spins, your bonus girl has more presents for you! She may give you an instant prize of up to 20 times your triggering total bet, an extra free spin or her reel will remain locked in place for the next free spin. Both girls are very generous.

If you're lusting after that progressive jackpot, you'll find that five Nice girl symbols in an active payline offer the progressive jackpot payout in normal spins. This jackpot can also be won during the Nice or Naughty feature if five bonus symbols appear in an active payline.

As for the fixed 10,000 coins jackpot, five Santa symbols in an active payline is your ticket to hitting this pot. That said, should you manage to score both jackpots on the same spin, you will only be paid the fixed jackpot and not the progressive. Both jackpots will not be paid in the same spin. I know, that's a bummer, right?  Oh well, keep spinning those reels and soon enough one of the hot girls will console you with an enticing dance!

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