Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino accepts players from United States

Lucky Red Casino accepts players from United States

Lucky Red Casino has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with a quality gambling experience. While you could get hit the jackpot at Real Time Gaming’s professional software just like any other casino, Lucky Red Casino is worth the experience because it’s fun and enjoyable. Getting lucky gambling is only worth it if you feel lucky to be gambling at all, just like you will at Lucky Red.

Lucky Red Casino Review – We’re Still Winning

What makes online gambling so much fun? It’s the anticipation of the moments when you get lucky and the money starts heading your way. At Lucky Red Casino, not only do you get lucky at the slots and tables, you feel the same luck just to be playing at such a high quality online casino.


What’s Lucky at Lucky Red Casino?

Is it my computer? Is it the superb performance of the Real Time Gaming software or the great care taken by Lucky Red Casino to provide a good gambling experience? I can’t decide which element covered in this Lucky Red Casino review gives me so much luck!

I think the luck rubbed off on me from the moment I entered the sleek and elegantly designed lobby which uses a tantalizing theme of black and seductive red. An organized menu across the top of the screen helped me find my way around instantly to progressive slots, video poker, craps, and all the other great casino games.

Though newly played games were downloaded at a slow pace, playing them almost made me forget that I was winning money at the same time! Good graphics and smooth performance makes any Lucky Red Casino game one worth playing, but if you really want to feel lucky, the progressive slots like Aztec’s Millions is the place to be.

To help you get lucky, large and frequent Lucky Red Casino bonuses are offered suck as the welcome bonus, which at the time of this Lucky Red Casino review was set at a whopping 400% up to $4,000!

Besides being colorful and playfully themed, these progressive slots offer large jackpots and a high return rate. I began enjoying ‘Aztec’s Millions’ with a balance of $650 and within 15 minutes my luck had me up to $1,200.


Lucky Red Casino Wants You to Get Lucky More than You!

To help you get lucky,large and frequent Lucky Red Casino bonuses are offered suck as the welcome bonus, which at the time of this Lucky Red Casino review was set at a whopping 400% up to $4,000! As usual for beginners especially it’s important to read the bonus terms and conditions from beginning to end. In the case of Lucky Red Casino, it could be easy to miss a clause like the one which states that you must wager 25 times the amount of your deposit and bonus before attempting to cash out.

Another interesting feature at Lucky Red Casino is the accumulating Comp points that add up slowly with every wager and can eventually be turned into real cash which can be added to your withdrawal amount or kept for further gambling.


Show Me the Money… In 10 Days Time Please

Possibly the only non-positive remark I can bring myself to make in the Lucky Red Casino review is regarding the deposit and withdrawal process. As part of the ‘Club World group’ of online casinos, Lucky Red Casino is one of the best possible choices for Americans looking to win some cash online.

Unfortunately, winning the cash is the easy part as with other ‘Club World group’ casinos. Getting it to your account is a different matter. Making deposits is covered by the quick and easy credit card methods. Withdrawals however are best made in the U.S. by painfully slow wire transfer which can take up to 10 days.


Lucky Red Casino Supporting Your Luck

Chances are also improved at Lucky Red Casino by the ‘Club World group’ generally unfaltering customer support. Several different methods of requesting assistance including instant, 24/7 support by live internet chat or telephone and fax from the U.S.


Get Lucky Red Casino Without Waiting for a Download

Another superb way to get lucky at Lucky Red Casino is by gambling in their flash version of the Real Time Gaming software directly from your browser. This feature is sometimes slow while I noticed difficulty loading certain games at all, but if you’re looking to give the game play and overall experience a test run before downloading the Lucky Red Casino software to your computer, trying it out online first is the way to go.

Review Summary

- Great progressive slots
- Excellent welcome bonus
- Part of trusted casino group
- Some games not loaded on flash version
- Slow withdrawal methods


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    This casino makes a great instant play/flash version so you can get started right away

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