Steam Tower

Another exciting online casino game from NetEnt, Steam Tower slot is a steampunk-themed video slot that offers about as much action as it does rewards. Trigger the stacked wild and enter the free spins round, where you will work your way up a tower to face off against a dragon to rescue the princes and increase your odds of winning mega rewards.

Be the Winning Hero in the Fantastic Steam Tower Slot

Have you ever wanted to slay a fierce fire-breathing dragon and save a princess? If so, or if you love playing action-filled and fun online slot games, the Steam Tower slot is for you! In this Steam Tower Slot review, you’ll learn about the great features that makes this new 15-line and 5-reel title from Net Entertainment (NetEnt), stand out from the crowd.

Enter a Fantastical Historical Era

The Steam Tower slot machine will be a favorite among steampunk fans and those who like a fantastical take on the Victorian era or sci-fi. The appearance of the game is definitely a nod to the steampunk genre, including images of intricate machinery, gears, cogs, and the steam tower. The main character is dressed in typical steampunk garb, from his top hat and goggles to his billowy white shirt, brown vest, belts, and the steam-powered grappling hook attached to his arm. The game also includes a dragon and a beautiful princess in need of rescuing from the fire-breathing beast.

The Steam Tower game is extremely animated in its design, with the dragon flying by and the game’s main hero in constant movement on the side of the reels. The graphics are crisp and sharp and the charismatic music suits the adventure theme, perfectly.

Big Hero Bonuses

No Steam Tower slot machine review is complete without telling you about the game’s bonuses. The primary bonus feature of the slot is its free spins round, which is triggered by a stacked wild. If a stacked wild takes over an entire reel, you’ll receive 10 free spins and will start making your way up the 16 levels to reach the top of the tower where you will conquer the dragon and save the princess. You will advance to the next level of the tower if you land additional wild symbols. Multipliers will also increase as you continue to climb the tower and can reach up to 7x.

Steam Tower’s Multi-Tiered Format Enhances Experience  

NetEnt has proved time and again that it is the master of creating unique and fun slot games and it is has done it again with Steam Tower slot. The steampunk-themed slot follows the release of Farm Escape. However, unlike NetEnt’s quirky twister farm game, Steam Tower has a multi-tiered format and playing structure that introduces new experiences the more you play.  Furthermore, although it is a multiple betting slot, it puts you in control of how much you wager on 1 or all of its 15 paylines. You are always in control of the coin values you choose to play and how many coins you bet per payline for each spin.

In essence, the higher you climb in the Steam Tower, the greater your chances of success and scoring big rewards!

-Updated on 23.2.2015-

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