T-Rex slot machine in one more in RTG’s long list of slot machines which provide entertaining themes and fun game play, but mediocre quality in the execution of the game. This slot machine lacks a bonus game as well as background music, but the very idea of spinning the reels alongside your favorite dinosaurs will most likely be enough reason to get you in the mood for T-Rex slot machine.

T-Rex Slot Machine with Prehistoric Graphics

Welcome to the Real Time Gaming slot machine with prehistoric perks. This is T-Rex slot machine where the dinosaurs still rule the land and sea while ancient volcanoes are still forming the lands and islands we know today.


T-Rex Slot Software

T-Rex slot machine is a Real Time Gaming (RTG) production. RTG is known for keeping their slot machine productions simple while remaining enjoyable with great themes. T-Rex slot machine follows the same trend with comparatively simple graphics and illustrations similar to those in a child’s coloring book. At the very least they are appropriately representative of the dinosaur era however.

The roaring T-Rex is acts as this slot machine’s wild symbols, substituting for everything besides the scatter symbol.

Audio effects and sound quality is also reflective of RTG’s overall attitude towards technical quality. Very few sounds are specific to T-Rex slot machine. Most are effects that are a constant throughout all RTG slot machines like the small sounds of the spinning reels or the sounds of minor wins. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the only sound unique to T-Rex slot machine is a roaring T-Rex.


T-Rex Slot Machine Reels

T-Rex slot machine is of course based in the prehistoric times when dinosaurs were the earth’s rulers covering every continent and every island feeding off the land, off one another, and though they did not have the mental capacity to use the Earth as Humans do, there was no other family of animals that was even close to being a challenger for domination.

The roaring T-Rex is acts as this slot machine’s wild symbols, substituting for everything besides the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol of a massive dino egg awards you with a random number of free spins. Click on each egg to find out how many spins it gives you and start reaping the rewards. Unfortunately this slot machine doesn’t contain any additional bonus games or features.

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