Bonus Bears

Bonus Bears slot brings us a purple nosed honey fo a bear to play with, with free spins and symbols galore. Whilst there is no bonus game to enjoy here, the characters and graphics, combined with the winning paylines on offer are enough to keep the angry bear inside fed and happy for a while.

The Bonus Bears Slot Review

Playtech's Bonus Bears slot game is a 5 reel, 25 payline offering that has colourful and fun graphics to enjoy.

The quiet chirping of the birds, as they hang out peacefully with the Bonus Bears jackpot winners in the forest creates an infinitely playable scenario.

The graphics are cute and funky characters.

In this Playtech casino showing, the buttons are all neatly lain out, to optimise your playing. The all-important rules are to be found once in the paytable, which compactly and easily shows you all the winning combinations and Bonus Bears slot bonus features. You can check out all the 25 different winning paylines, in all their many formations.

Bonus Graphics

The graphics are cute and funky characters. There's the laughing redheaded park ranger, along with a gas masked up squirrel who seems to be ready for anything. Perhaps the "they" they speak of are hiding in this national forest? Or at the very least a chapter of the Doomsday Preppers, one of whom had a soft spot for this squirrel and took it upon himself to protect him from whatever may occur.

There's an angry looking bee, or is it a wasp? I can never tell the difference between the two - all I know is both their stings hurt like hell. Seeing as this one is cute however, I hope that it’s the one that doesn't die after it stings you. I'm going to say it's a bee, as bees and bears have a history.

Bears Features

Our bears delight, the bees nest, full of hardworking bees creating all that honey is the scatter symbol and will trigger the honey feature.

The chillest bear in town, he looks like he has been partying for a few nights before arriving in the woods, is our purple nosed substitute symbol that will trigger the Bonus Bears slot bonus game feature. Here you will be awarded some free spins to enhance your playing prowess and winnings.


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