Derby Day Horse Racing

I love putting a couple of quid on the horses, or a bit more if I’m feeling flush, and Derby Day game now gives me the chance to bet on the horses while still enjoying Playtech’s games in an online casino. Great atmosphere, loads of information, and will even let you pick up a thing or two about the races.

It’s Off to the Races with the Derby Day Game Review

Playtech's Derby Day Game about Horse Racing brings the real life excitement of betting on the nags to our screens.  A day out at the races is a nice idea in concept, and certainly there are some races that you should most definitely be seen at, whatever the weather. However, what could be better than sitting at home with a beer or nice cup of Rosie Lee, placing your bets on The Derby Day Game.

A Slot Without Reels

There are not actually any reels on the Derby Day Game, nothing works like one might be used to; the only things going around are the horses we bet on. We bet whether we want a horse to win or to place, like in real horse racing betting. There's a handy tool that will let us compare any two horses, to get a better idea of who is going to bring home the bacon.

How Does It Work?

There are 6 horses to choose from, and you can see more information about each horse, even pitting their bio's against each other to see how they square up against the competition.

You can choose the horse you think will come first, or the horse that will run in second place. You can choose both first and second place horse or even bet on up to 5 horses, guessing where on the Derby Day slot winners board each will place.

There's a handy tool that will let us compare any two horses, to get a better idea of who is going to bring home the bacon.

You can make up to 9 bets on each race, and your bet can be between 10 cents and $50 each race. Each different horse is worth a different amount, calculated on its past wins or places. Information about the horse, jockey and track conditions are available to be perused before placing your bets.

Review Summary

-Shows you potential winnings upfront when making bet
-Great atmosphere
-Not a regular slot with reels


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