Mythic Maiden

Imagine standing in an old mansion and hearing footsteps in the attic… when you know no one else is home. Would you dare to go upstairs and check it out? Well, maybe most of us wouldn’t, but now you can have a creepy adventure with the Mythic Maiden Slot. Inside the game you’ll find creepy crawlies and mystical activity that’ll have you screaming for more! Best of all, you can win Free Spins, Multipliers, and real cash payouts!

The Menacing & Magical Mythic Maiden Slot

Whether it’s the season of Halloween or not, who doesn’t like a good scare? Step inside the spooky attic of the Mystic Maiden Slot. Powered by Netent, the game contains 30 paylines in total. As you spin the reels, witness the paranormal! You’ll hear creepy sound effects and see spooky images flash in front of your eyes. During the Free Spins Feature, the iron maiden on the side of the reels opens to reward multipliers and Free Spins.

Creepy Crawlies and Ghostly Graphics

What’s that lurking upstairs in the attic? Poisonous spiders, spooky apparitions, Voodoo dolls, spell books, and monkey skulls all appear on the reels of the Mythic Maiden Slot. I especially love the letters and numbers shaped as melting candle wax. As you play, scary sounds of howling winds, creaking wood, and the caw of crows echo in the background. Perhaps the creepiest relic is the Iron Maiden which sits beside the reels. For those who don’t know, the Iron Maiden was a Medieval torture device made of an iron cabinet and spike-covered interior, large enough to contain a human being… ouch! Ok, so this game is pretty freaky. Just have fun with it, and enjoy the mystical madness of it all.

During the Free Spins Feature, the iron maiden opens and reveals multipliers up to X10 and/or additional Free Spins of up to +2.

Freakishly Fun Features

Among all the creepies and crawlies, you’ll come across some pretty rewarding features while playing. The circulating mystical orbs serve as the Scatter Symbol. When 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels, the Free Spins Feature activates. During the Free Spins Feature, the iron maiden opens and reveals multipliers up to X10 and/or additional Free Spins of up to +2.

The flashing Full Moon symbolizes the Wild Symbol. This symbol substitutes for all symbols on the reels except the Scatter. In addition, the Wild multiplies payouts by X3.

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