Pirates Treasure Hunt

I’m the Pirate Master for today, on the hunt for treasure and, in this offering from SkillOnNet Pirates Treasure Hunt slot; I can find my hearts deepest desires amongst the relaxing Caribbean style atmosphere. All the pirate tools I need to find as many golden coins as possible are here to help me, with free spins and an exciting bonus game too.

The Pirates Treasure Hunt Slot Review

The music epitomises the feeling of drinking rum on a Caribbean beach; perhaps you are shipwrecked, or perhaps just taking a break from searching for that treasure. Either way, it gives the atmosphere of being relaxed without a care in the world.

Music increases as you spin the reels, with your Pirates Treasure Hunt slot game heating up and the stakes getting high. You are rewarded with some deep and dark music when you score a winning line or two, to remind you your hunt is going well.

Pirate Graphics

We have the ubiquitous pirate's hat, triangular in shape with the skull and crossbones on it to show you just whose treasure you are messing with! There's the curved sword, or cutlass as it may be called, a must have for any pirate to feel whole. We have that highly sought after treasure map, so the Pirate Treasure Hunt slot jackpot can be found. A telescope for seeing where you are going; or just spotting the bottles with rum left in them is also one of our symbols.

The skull and crossbones black flag that any proud pirate has sailing in the breeze of his ship makes itself known, as do a compass and a jug of what I believe is rum. The compass and rum do seem to work against each other though.

An appearance from Hook the pirate leaves us with a hook for a hand, golden edged for that treasure winning pirate.

We have that highly sought after treasure map, so the Pirate Treasure Hunt slot jackpot can be found. 

Treasured Features

The more Treasure Hunt Pirate slot scatter symbols you win, the more free spins you will receive. The skull and crossbones symbol will substitute for all other symbols, therefore increasing your chances of spinning winning lines.

The aptly emblazoned "bonus" symbol will trigger the Pirates Treasure Hunt slot bonus game. You will follow a treasure trail, complete with treasure chests along the way. This is most definitely a way to bump up your winnings.

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