While a Laser Card in your pocket has been the usual for a large majority Irish online casino players with many European online casinos accepting deposits made with this Irish staple. It is a shame that Danske Bank will be the last to issue the card in 2014 but, current holders can still enjoy its secure benefits.

Should I Use the Laser Card Casino Payment Method?

The Irish have been enjoying Laser Cards for almost 17 years, after they were introduced as an efficient alternative to the cheque. Laser Card Casino Payment is co-branded by Maestro for physical use with retailers and in ATM's. Having been established in 1996, today there are over 3 million users and, as an online casino payment method Laser Card is used for the Irish market.

Having been a staple for the Irish market for nearly two decades, it was bound to happen that Laser Card would be a popular casino payment method in European online casinos.

Does Laser Card Hit the Spot?

AIB Bank, Bank of Ireland, Danske Bank and WorldPay currently issue Laser Cards and, despite being a popular alternative to cheques and benefitting from lower levels of fraud than regular chip and PIN solutions, as an online casino payment method Laser Card is not the most popular by any means.

A decision was made to phase out use of the card in 2014 so, the few online casinos currently accepting payment via Laser Card are likely to be the only ones. The benefits of paying with a Laser Card when depositing to an online casino are the same as any debit card, with a significant difference being the trust it has garnered from the Irish market and the reputation it has built for being a fast and reliable payment method.

Laser Your Way to the Top of the Online Casino

Having been a staple for the Irish market for nearly two decades, it was bound to happen that Laser Card Casino Banking would be  in European online casinos. Two Irish banking latecomers to the Laser Card were ACC Bank and First Active and, as it happens, they were the first two banks to withdraw from the scheme. They were followed by TSB Bank, National Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Irish Permanent and Ulster Bank.

Currently only Danske Bank are still issuing Laser Card and many European online casino accepts Laser Card as a payment method.

Review Summary

-Secure alternative to cheques
-Solid reputation with longevity
-Will cease to be issued during 2014
-Not popular outside of Ireland


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