For Aussies and Kiwis, POLi offers one of the best payment options when banking with online casinos. This system allows users to transfer funds directly from their bank to the casino in an instant and secure manner. POLi works great for those who either do not have credit cards, or have them but would feel safer not using them for online gaming. POLi serves as a great alternative to credit cards providing secure payment by connecting players directly with their bank, without any registration required.

Discover the POLi Casino Payment Method

POLi, referring to “Pay Online”, provides a system of payment that allows casino players to utilize their internet banking service to pay for online casinos. POLi does not require credit cards, making this a great online payment option for those who do not wish to use their credit card.

How does it work?

Just visit POLi’s website and you’ll quickly realize just how the system simplifies everything for you. They have a great outline and demo to help new users understand just how this system works.

POLi makes payments to your favorite online casino very easy.  First, download POLi Casino Payment software onto your computer. This is a one-time step. When ready to deposit funds to the casino, simply select POLi as a payment method. Next, login by selecting your bank. POLi then automatically fills in payment details. Finally, just confirm the bank transfer and you’re done! Although POLi Casino Payment is absolutely free, players still need to pay fees to their bank for the electronic fund transfer.

Players need to have certain PC requirements if they wish to download POLi onto their systems. POLi requires Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or above, Internet 6.0+, Firefox 2+, Microsoft Windows XP SP 2, Vista, Server 2003, and Server 2008. POLi offers step-by-step instructions to its customers and even guides them to upgrade their systems so that they can accept the POLi software.

POLi serves 33 million users, thus a good amount of online casinos accept this as a viable payment option. Some casinos even offer special bonuses to customers using POLi.

Is it safe?

When you use POLi to fund your online casino account, everything is done within the security of your existing banking account. You never have to give you personal banking details to any third party. The online payment system is very secure because it never gains any access to customers’ Internet banking password or personal details. It really is an ideal solution for those with a bank account in Australia or New Zealand.

When Can I Use POLi?

POLi serves 33 million users, thus a good amount of online casinos accept this as a viable payment option. Some casinos even offer special bonuses to customers using POLi.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, POLi Casino Banking only supports banking sites in Australia and New Zealand at the following banks: ANZ, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of Queensland, BankSA, BankWest, Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth, Westpac, NAB, Suncorp Bank, and St. George Bank.

Review Summary

- Transfers funds directly from your bank
- Secure online banking system
- Only available in Australia and New Zealand


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