Ticket Premium

Whilst you can pop over to France to top up a Ticket Premium pre-paid card, you can also top up online, and get depositing to your favourite online casino with no fuss, no risk of disclosing financial information online, plus enjoy a nifty way to control your spending. The only bad thing about this, if you can consider it a hindrance, is that the only currency available is Euros.

Get Your Ticket Premium Casino Payment Review

A Ticket Premium Casino Payment is not just for French people and speakers. Despite pay points only being available across France, British day trippers after cheap booze and fags can also buy this premium online casino payment method on line, and cash in using the internet too.

For those that aren't French-Canadian or unlike me weren't forced into at least 3 years of learning French (Oh, Britain, Britain, Britain!), here's the lowdown on depositing to your favourite online casino using the Ticket Premium pre-paid card.

How Does It Work?

For those that don't like to use their personal debit or credit cards online, this prepaid card will give you an 11 or 16 digit code to use online, instead of inputting sensitive financial information. You can top up online (or on that booze cruise to France) in increments of €25 up to €150 at a time at point of sale.

Then just choose your lucky Ticket Premium casino and enter the unique code to deposit your wagering amount.

Voila! Enjoy spinning those reels whilst eating some nice vintage cheese and sipping on some fancy bubbly.

Weighing Up The Pros And Cons

If there was ever a better excuse to vacation in the South of France, being able to top up your favourite casinos Ticket Premium Casino Payment Method is one of them!

Voila! Enjoy spinning those reels whilst eating some nice vintage cheese and sipping on some fancy bubbly.

This pre-paid card is ideal for those that like anonymity online, in the sense that you will not have to worry about taking a risk and having your financial information out there on the line. As a trusted Bank of France commercial trading company, the name behind Ticket Premium is reliable and secure, so you know your details are safe with them. They assure you of 100% security, 100% reliability and 100% confidentiality.

There is also no fee or charge for using their card, so there aren't really any cons here that I can see!

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