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Rival Gaming may be relatively young when compared to some of the other grandfather figures in the software industry, but the effort being put forward to pioneer gaming and ‘rival’ the quality of their top competitors makes Rival Gaming an important playing for online casinos and one which players should be on the look out for.

Look Out for Rival Gaming Casino Software

The market for good online gaming software is competitive and ever expanding. In 2006, Rival Gaming casino software burst on the scene with a name that proudly broadcast their intentions. The software solution has since settled deals for working with over 40 online casinos. Though Rival Gaming cannot yet rival their best competitors, I enjoy improved gaming quality with every new game they release and recommend that all you online gamblers keep a close eye on this fast developing software solution.


Rival Gaming Graphics and Sound

I have to be visually entertained when playing certain games at a casino. While I play Black Jack for the strategy, I head over to the slots section to give me mind a rest and get my other senses stimulated. While they have not yet made the jump to 3D gaming that I enjoy and that many casinos are starting to invest in, graphics at Rival Gaming slots are constantly improving with some of their later releases like ‘Astral Luck’.

This game seems to set a good example for Rival Gaming’s general direction. There are no visible squares around each spot on the reels, making the slot feel more dynamic and let like a slot machine. Visuals are clear and bright while all winning symbols are animated with extra movement that is all smooth and adds something extra to the game.

Rival Gaming prides themselves on their development of i-slots which draw gamers in with a story line and often times multiple sequels.

The next step Rival Gaming casinos really needs to take is improvement of sound quality. The music played in their lobbies and during most of their games is reminiscent of that one fly that seems to want to make a cozy home inside your ear lobe. The quality of the sound is poor and the music is loud and obnoxious neither related to the feel of a casino or a game’s specific theme.


Games at Rival Gaming

For being a relatively young company, I give my respects to the amount of games offered by Rival Gaming casino software. Many of these must have surely been developed before the official opening of the company in 2006 meaning that it must’ve been done at least party with their own money as an investment. This displays a large degree of dedication which can also be deserved in their rapid incline of quality.

They’ve even taken the time to make an attempt in developing their own field of specialization and are so far rather successful in this business venture. Rival Gaming prides themselves on their development of i-slots which draw gamers in with a story line and often times multiple sequels.

I’ve had some experience with Rival Gaming’s i-slots myself and for my tastes, they aren’t quite there yet… I envision slots that take you on an actually Hollywood style journey with each spin taking your closer to your goal of riches… Wow, maybe I should be a software developer. In any case, while they are interesting, there is lots of room for development in the i-slot arena and they also have not seen the same sort of jump in quality observable in regular video slots.


Rivaling Gaming Jackpots

Rival Gaming is even going after the industry’s jackpots which so easily draw customers hoping to hit it big. In 2009, a mere three years after their appearance on the scene, Rival Gaming payed out an impressive amount of $40,817 for a win on their progressive slot machine ‘One Million Reels BC’. Rival Gaming’s progressive slots remain few, but after all it’s the size that matters, not the amount (that’s how that saying goes right?) and the size of Rival Gaming jackpots is constantly growing.


Rival Gaming Across the World

Rival Gaming is active across the world and provides a bit of diversion in the American market from the constant stream of similar Real Time Gaming casinos that keep popping up. In fact this is a huge reason that I’ve been keeping up with Rival Gaming. When the Real Time Gaming options feel old and worn out, I know it’s a great time to hop over to see what the latest improvement to Rival Gaming is.

Review Summary

- Improving graphics with every game release
- Excellent selection of 'i-slots'
- Poor sound engineering
- As a young company, there are still a relatively low number of games to choose from


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