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5 Best Bonus Round Slots

When you are spinning your free casino slot machine reels, you never know whether you are going to be rewarded with free spins, or a call to use your skills in a hot bonus round. Here's our top 5 best free slot games with amazing bonus rounds so you can dive straight into your favourite pastime, without having to waste time on slots without the bonus features you enjoy.


The Slotfather Slot

The elaborate Betsoft 3D graphics add to their spot on interpretation of the theme of this casino slot. Based on the blockbuster, The Godfather, one of the most watched and loved films of all times, it is done justice in this hot online slot. The bonus features are cleverly designed to accurately represent one of the Italian mobster's characters, adding immense enjoyment to winning big on these bonus reels. Read Review


The Who Spun It Slot

This thriller slot has an interesting and unique game concept. Whilst it may be hard to get the hang of it at first, navigating your way around as you discover "Who Dunnit?" is tonnes of fun. The double up rounds and free spins are not the only exciting extra bonus features here. The bonus round is hot, hot, hot and you'll be solving clues, including finding the murder weapon, location of the dirty deed and the culprit him or herself! A mighty thank you to Betsoft for this slot with epic bonus rounds is in order. Read Review


The Scarface Slot

One of the collective Vegasmaster team's favourite films, starring our 1995 Casino star, Robert De Niro, this Scarface slot machine game had a lot to live up to. And it did. Not only are the graphics high quality, but the bonus features include a fun-shoot out round in a scene set in the unforgettable lobby of Tony Montana's mansion. NetEnt have captured the atmosphere of the iconic movie perfectly Read Review


The True Sheriff

Sheriff Gaming brings us some truly exquisite slot machine play and the True Sheriff Slot Game is truly no exception. There are some quality 3D graphics to get you started. Doubling up on the extra round will whet your appetite for all the hot free slot bonus features. See who the fastest gun in the West is in a shoot off showdown bonus, or simply get to some target practise in anticipation for what is to come. Read Review


The Mamma Mia Slot

Betsoft Gaming have managed a third entry on our top 5 bonus round slots. For the chef's amongst us, you just can't beat the Mamma Mia slot. Enter Salvatore's kitchen, where your mouth will start watering at the delectable 3D graphics and accompanying crystal clear sound. Like the mountainous amount of food on the menu, there is an abundance of bonus features to keep you entertained. Read Review