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5 Best Winter Warmers Slots

It's cold outside and for us lucky Londoners, it's freezing, as per usual. This is a time of year to stay snuggled up besides the fireplace (more likely radiator) with the family pet to keep your feet warm. These top 5 winter warmers slots should help keep you toasty warm however, so let's get playing the best 5 winter warmers slot game machines.


The Hot Wheels Slot

Rev up your engines and raise the roof and temperature as you spin your way along the open road. With a soundtrack to get your blood pumping and some excellent bonus features you won't find elsewhere, this quality 3D Hot Wheels slot will certainly warm you up this winter, not to mention filling up your pockets too. Read Review


The Elektra Slot

This is a girl that will raise the temperature of men and raise women up to be like her. Despite not wearing many clothes, the leather she wears will certainly keep you warm enough. You'll get your fill of marital art exercise, which will definitely heat you up too. The four progressive jackpots on offer will heat up your wallet without a doubt. Read Review



The Ultimate Grill Thrills Slot

Food is the ultimate energy burning substance, which helps produce heat; you'll be cooking up a storm and enjoying the fire. Set outdoors on a tranquil Saturday's summer afternoon, you'll be taken into the warm arms of the fun bonus game and huge jackpot! Read Review

Disco Spins Slot Machine 80%

The Disco Spins Slot

Dance up an electrifying storm with the Disco Spins slot by going back to the 80's when dancing was an exercise in pure dance moves. Let the old school disco culture warm you up before you execute your moves on the dancefloor, accompanied by a sense of nostalgia for days gone by. Read Review

At the Movies Slot Machine 80%

At The Movies Slot

Take your mind of the chills by chilling out At The Movies slot. BetSoft's 3D reels will engage you with their state of the art animated graphics and superb design. You'll be kept so busy by all the free spins; you won't even notice the temperature dropping outside! Read Review