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Never Split 10s and Other Casino Stories from the Casino Floor

While normally this space is taken up by reader questions about casino games or strategy. But sometimes readers take the time to write in with a story instead of a question. Here is a small sampling of a few strange, funny, or interesting casino stories from the mailbag. From Eileen: They say that craps is […]

Session Length Doesn’t Affect When Slot Machines Hit Big

Question: Over the past five years, I’ve had a few big slot machine wins worth $500 or more. Each one of those wins hit on one of the first dozen or so spins of a session. I’ve never had a big payout when playing for long stretches of time, only during the first couple of […]

The Pitfalls of Being a Video Poker Professional

Question: I play video poker every single day and get a Royal Flush at least once a month, can I go pro and make a career of this? Answer: Firstly, how often you get a Royal Flush doesn’t really have anything to do with how good a player you are, so it’s hard to say […]

The Pros and Cons of Even Money Video Blackjack

Question: Time and time again I’ve read how blackjack games that pay 6-5 on blackjacks instead of 3-2 should be completely avoided. Recently, I found a one-dollar multi-game machine in a casino which offered video poker, keno, slots, and also blackjack. On this machine, blackjacks paid out even money instead of 3-2. It seems like […]

Right or Wrong Betting – Etiquette at the Craps Table

Question: Not too long ago I was playing craps at an almost full table and most of us were betting the pass line along with the shooter. But there was this one guy who was betting wrong and hoping that the shooter would lose. The worst part of it was he was really loud and […]

The Blackjack House Edge – Full Tables vs. Empty

Question: I’ve heard that it’s always better to play blackjack when the table is full of other players instead of playing against the dealer at an empty table. Why is this? Does the house somehow have a bigger edge the fewer players there are at the table? In blackjack the house edge on the actual […]

Saying Farewell to the Good Old Days of Las Vegas

Question: I’ve been practicing my Deuces Wild video poker strategy at an online casino to make sure I get as close to perfect as possible before hitting Las Vegas. With Deuces Wild, perfect strategy says that if you are dealt two deuces initially, you should hold only those two cards and nothing else, right? But […]

Lamenting The Rising Costs of Gambling in Las Vegas

Question: I’ve been to Vegas three times in the past couple of years, and it seems like Vegas is finding more and more ways to separate me from my cash. I used to enjoy sitting at a casino bar, playing video poker and drinking free beers. But last time I tried this, I was charged nearly […]

Slot Machine Payouts are Fixed – Not Rigged

Question: No matter what anyone says, I just can’t believe that slot machines are random. There has to be some way for casinos to control how much people can win on slots – it can’t be possible that each spin is determined only by chance, can it? First off, you are right, in a way. […]

Losing it All at the Casino – Welcome to the Grind Down

Question: Not too long ago, you wrote about how even though all slots are random, casinos come out on top because they manipulate the payouts. For example, casinos pay you $9 if you win, but you lose $10 if they win. In that example, if I bring $100 to the casino, at the end of […]

Blackjack Dealer Makes a Mistake – Is is Fair to the Player?

Question: This happened to me a while back, and I’m still fuming about it. I was third base at a blackjack table and had a $100 bet down on a $5 minimum table. The dealer deals the hand and I get a 16. But before play begins one of the players in the middle points […]

Free Bet Blackjack: Is It Worth The Time?

Question: What is Free Bet Blackjack, and is it worth playing? Free Bet Blackjack is a blackjack variation where you play initial hands like normal, except that if you split a pair or double-down on a 9, 10, or 11, you can do it for free. What this means is that instead of doubling your […]